Phoenix Girls Varsity LAX Springs into Season with Valiant Fight Against KHS


Kent’s Hill School-17

GLAX is off and running, literally!  The girls have been working tirelessly on and off the turf in order to prepare for what is sure to be a season with its fair share of adept opponents.  The season opener consisted of the Lady Phoenix vs. the Huskies, a rival in years past and team that would demand the best of the squad.  This was proven to be true when, barely having time to dig their cleats into the turf, the Huskies whipped two well-placed shots into the back of the net.  Defensemen Cailin Darling ’14 and Sonya Kobayashi ’14 demonstrated their strong yet agile stances that had been practiced in the days prior, and were able to shut down the numerous attacks in the minutes that followed.  Lutes Bartlett ’16 did an impressive job handling the draw as a novice, and enabled Carolyn Moore ’14 to obtain five draw controls, and Susanna McMannus ’14, a valuable three.  Moore and McMannus were thus able to make a number of fast breaks to the goal in order to set up Emma Levensohn ’17 with needed scoring opportunities.  These calculated plays eventually resulted in all three goals made by the freshman, and a remarkable entrance to both a new team and school.  With an athletic 13 saves, it goes without saying that goalie Diamond Brown ’16 stood strong as the last line of defense and voice of leadership in the net.

Defense will be a point of practice in the coming days, as the next match will place the Lady Phoenix against Waynflete Academy this Saturday at 1:00 pm at home.  As always, we welcome and encourage all support!