Good Start for Phoenix Tennis with 3-2 Win vs Berwick

Hyde School : 3

Berwick Academy : 2

Berwick Academy traveled to Bath to play the first match of the season for both teams in the Joseph Gauld Athletic Center.

First Singles (win)

                Burke Riley                     6            6

                Jake Greenspan               1              0

Second Singles(win)

Stefan El Base                   6              6              6

Nathan Anderson            7(7-3)      4              0

Third Singles(win)

Wyatt Lichtenger             6              6

                Patrick Robb                       3              3

1st Doubles(loss)

Ben Mooney, Richard Liu              4              3

Emil Lebel, Matt Richard              6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

Elliot Wang, Luke Brawley            5              7(7-3)      6

Devin Boyle, Ian McFarlane         7              6              7(7-4)


Burke Riley`15 started the season off strong with a win.  He beat his opponent handedly, giving up only one game in the match at 1st  singles.  Stefan El Base`15 struggled to find his form in the first set at 2nd singles.  He lost the first set in a 3-7 tiebreaker.  However, he played more aggressively after returning to the court in the second set and gradually gained control of the match, winning 6-4 and taking the third set 6-0.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 cemented the win for the team with his victory over his opponent, beating him 6-3, 6-3.   First doubles teammates Ben Mooney`16 and Richard Liu`14 lost their match, but not without putting in a solid effort.  Unforced errors and serve inconsistency plagued them throughout.  The second doubles competition was the most exciting match of the day.  Elliot Wang`14 and Luke Brawley`15 battled with their opponents from the first serve.  They kept it close in the first set, but lost 5-7.  They made a couple of adjustments to their approach in the second set and by maintaining their composure and working to win every point, they took the set in a 7-3 tiebreaker.  The third set was much like the previous two; lots of long rallies and even/competitive play.  Once again it went to a tiebreaker.  Unfortunately,  their opponents edged them out, taking the tiebreaker 7-4.  All in all, it was a very good start to the season for the team.  They showed impressive mental toughness, competitive spirit and good sportsmanship.  Every player came away with a better understanding of areas of their game that need work before our next match, which will be on April 12th with Hebron Academy at home.