The Bath Weekly: March 3 – March 7

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed, and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the HydeBath parents and the larger community into the school culture.

 Hyde-Bath Allows Obstacles to Become Opportunities

 Over the last two weeks of school, we have gone through a gamut of emotions and challenges. One of the principles of Hyde is turning obstacles into opportunities.  This happened when we started with a group of students who needed to clear their conscience in the Dean’s area ranging from ethic violations to a lack of Brother’s Keeper with their peers.  In an evening school meeting the atmosphere was tense as students who needed to clear things up became frustrated.  Seniors and faculty met afterwards to examine their leadership and how to move forward.

At the next school meeting, the school discussed four questions which brought out some of the following comments:

What do I need to say about myself to the school?

  • “I need to apologize to everyone for saying one thing but then doing another. It is not who I want to be.”
  • “I have been a manager in the dorm, but I need to be more of a leader.”
  • “As a teacher here, I get caught up in handling everything myself and need to ask for help.”
  • “I am going to move forward and challenge my friend group to do the same.”

What do we need to say to each other?

  • I know you are better than you are showing.”
  • “You have the courage on the field; will you show the moral courage off the athletic field.”
  • “We need to hear your voice in the school because you have so much to give.”

 Why is the student/teacher bond so important at Hyde?

  • You believed in me when I didn’t always believe in myself.”
  • “As a teacher, I need to share more of my struggles with the students.”
  • My discovery group leader really helps me.”

What is important to me in my life right now?

  • Going to college and being successful is a goal that I have.”
  • “I value being at Hyde and playing lacrosse.”
  • “I learned at Hyde that Brother’s Keeper is not about keeping yourself from your worst, it is about going after your best.”

 The school went through a challenging but important week where we saw our lowest point as well as our potential.  It was also a powerful reminder that telling the truth and having integrity is at the core of one’s best.  We don’t always want to tell the truth, and we don’t always want to hear the truth, but as the saying goes, “The truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable.”

 Winter Sports Awards

After a rigorous week of exams our community gathered together to celebrate the outstanding winter season of athletics, recognize most valuable and most improved players, and put a capstone on what was for many an outstanding season.   Athletic Director Jon Mellinger started the evening off by drawing attention to several impressive statistics generated during this season:  JV Wrestling helped secure the President’s Cup by being the first team to put points on the board against sister school Hyde-Woodstock; the swim team generated several school records with junior Rich Ramirez ’15; and for the first time in years Hyde-Bath was able to staff and support a “Thirds” Basketball team.

Individual awards included:

3rds Basketball

  • MVP – David Wu
  • MIP – Eric Yoder

JV Basketball

  • MVP – Gregory Kidger
  • MIP – Bryan Wang


  • MVP – Hope Stinson
  • MIP – Zeyuan Tang

Girls Varsity Basketball

  • MVP – Carolyn Moore
  • MIP – Emma Leonard

Strength and Conditioning

  • MVP – Susie McManus
  • MIP – Joshua Berger-Gertz

JV Wrestling

  • MIP – Louis Liu
  • MIP – Jason Tang


Varsity Wrestling

  • MVP – Jared Jensen
  • MVP – Hang Zhao

Indoor Track

  • MVP – Alex Greenberg
  • MIP – Chris Lutts


  • MVP – Richard Ramirez
  • MIP – Diana Huang

Boys Varsity Basketball (Only one award)

  • MIP – Akim Sanni

To end the night a special award was given to freshman Eric Yoder ’17 for being the most dedicated and enthusiastic fan on campus.

 Go Phoenix!

 Coach Begly and Dad Host Basketball Clinic

This past Saturday, 20 Hyde students participated in a clinic with Glenn Begly, father of first-year faculty member Corey Begly.  Begly (now partially retired) coached at the college level for 25 years, compiling a 319-101 record at William Smith, highlighted by an unprecedented 87 game home winning streak.  The Beglys focused on instructing the ways to build an individual workout in the offseason with an emphasis on the fundamentals.  Coach Begly had a great time at Hyde and was impressed with the athleticism of our athletes.


Buttercup is back

The students welcomed Emma Leonard back to Hyde last night with an emotional and energy- filled performance.  Emma is returning to campus after recovering from a car accident on February 11.  Emma sat in the bleachers with her mom, Donna, as the students danced to what has become Emma’s signature song, “Build Me Up Buttercup.”   The students were fueled by the inspiration of Emma’s never- quit spirit.  It was an amazing way to end the winter term.

  • The love and support that the students and faculty have for Emma brings tears to my eyes.”
  • “This is Hyde, right here, awesome community.”
  • “Love the message; love the spirit; so happy to be part of the Hyde family.”

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