The Bath Weekly: February 10 – February 14

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed, and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the HydeBath parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Seniors Speak On “This I Believe”

 On Tuesday Hyde-Bath seniors read their “This I Believe” essays under the chandelier in the Mansion as part of faculty member Hillary Kidwell’s senior English class.  The pieces are based on the essay form made popular by the NPR Series, and they offer insight into what beliefs the seniors are developing from their own unique experiences.

Topics ranged from Wilson MacMillan’s focus on family as that which gets him through difficult times to Susana McManus’ belief in homemade gifts.  The seniors were able to weave from their lives complex metaphors, taking simple objects and concrete beliefs and expanding them into encompassing views on identity and self.  David Emanuel spoke about how his father inspired his curiosity by encouraging a belief in make-believe creatures while simultaneously providing him with inroads to discovering their true nature.  This left David eternally curious, skeptical, and dedicated to a higher sense of truth.  Sophia Passerini offered an insight she had gleaned from her life, that it is “not about finding myself but about creating myself.”  Sydney LaCavalla praised the small things in life.  Jared Jensen shared the connection he had with his father over a mutual passion for wrestling, and Wesley Miller examined the moment he began to praise quality over quantity, to name but a few.

Senior year at Hyde is a critical period in each student’s Hyde education. It is a time of reflection, a time to critically examine who each student is deep down inside. They must ask themselves what they stand for, what they believe in, and what the standards of personal excellence are they will choose to live their life by. Public readings such as the “This I believe” speeches are times when seniors take a process of introspection and present the results so that they may be held accountable by their peers to the fruits of that process.  It is a terrific way to gear up for senior evaluations and practice the public speaking skills required for their graduation ceremony only a few months away.


Senior/Faculty Partnership at Hyde

 A unique aspect of the Hyde education is the relationship that is fostered between students and teachers.   While there certainly is a measure of authority that exists with the faculty role, the foundation is based on a shared commitment to learning about one’s character and potentials.  We call this powerful relationship the “student-teacher bond” and actually give out an award at Baccalaureate called the Learning Triangle.  With this paradigm, the students and teachers form the base of the triangle and together pursue knowledge and growth.  This model is in contrast to traditional education, where the teacher and subject are at the base of the triangle, and the knowledge (subject matter) is then imparted to the students.

Seniors and faculty pursue a heightened level of this partnership, focusing on both personal and community leadership.  They strive to create a more adult-to-adult relationship, and they reflect on their own attitudes and roles in being the examples for the greater Hyde community.

The meeting this week began with almost half of the seniors missing.   There had been a schedule change, but the tardiness was also indicative of a struggle the community is having with rigor and attentiveness.  Some time was taken to talk about steps to address this concern and then shifted the focus to the faculty.  While the seniors listened, faculty cleared the decks on personal struggles and gave honest feedback to each other.  It was a great opportunity for the seniors to see adults being vulnerable and taking the risk to share frustrations, resentments, and asking for help.

Faculty member Randy Smith noted, “This is how you build team: you take personal ownership for doing the right thing and what is expected, and you make the commitment to be open and honest with each other.”


 Faculty Share Stories of Love and Loss on Valentine’s Day

On February 14, the Hyde-Bath community gathered in the theatre for a morning meeting that was far from typical.  It began with a tremendous act of courage as sophomore Kelsey Talbutt ’16 took to the stage, cello in hand, for the first time in two years.  This performance came as a response to a challenge posed by faculty member Colin Foye who asked that Kelsey share more of herself with the community.

Next the Dance Team performed two numbers, Say Something by Cristina Aguilera and All the Single Ladies, Beyonce’s famous hit.  The numbers were dedicated to all those in the audience still in search of a valentine.  The dances were directed by faculty member Fan Luo who watched from up in the balcony as Ferina Li ’14 came to the rescue of the performance by filling in for a missing student without the audience being any the wiser.

The biggest surprise of the morning came at the end of the meeting when our Head of School called all the faculty to the stage to share stories of first love, first kisses, and lessons learned along the way.  These endearing stories allowed faculty members to think back to ages not too far off from our students, and it allowed the students to see the more vulnerable, sometimes silly sides of our faculty.  Stories ranged from summer camp romances to proposals over Thanksgiving Break and everything in between.  Both faculty and students alike considered themselves lucky to work and attend school at a place where it is willing to be so open and honest with who we are, where we come from, and what it took to get us here.

Hyde Dance Team Makes an Impression on Audience of 750


On February 8, as a guest performing group, Hyde Dance team traveled to Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, Maine.  They partnered with students from CAFAM Chinese School and put on a dance performance that attracted over 750 audience members.

image002Hyde dancers carried themselves with professionalism and discipline.  They worked very well with the artistic director and stage coordinator from the other school.  Senior Carlye Morota ’14 once again took on a 56-count brand new choreography to cover for her teammate who went to an important college interview.  Senior Sabrina Wang ’14 also stepped in for her teammate who had an FLCJunior Zeyuan Tang ’15 wasn’t given a dressing room, but he didn’t complain and paid great respect to all the female performers.  Tang also had a strong performance on the stage.  Freshman Abbie Jo Ward ’17 demonstrated great courage and confidence by dancing in front of 750 people for the first time.  Her finishing move was right on the beat.  At the end of the performance, many parents from CAFAM Chinese School asked if Hyde dancers could teach their children the dance Hyde had performed.

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