Hyde Phoenix Dance Team Takes the Stage at Westbrook Performing Arts Center

The Hyde Bath Dance Team
The Hyde Bath Dance Team

On February 8th, as a guest performing group, Hyde Dance team traveled to Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, Maine. We partnered with students from CAFAM Chinese School and put on a dance performance that attracted over 750 people.

image001Hyde dancers carried themselves with decent professionalism and discipline. They worked very well with the artistic director and stage coordinator from the other school. Senior Carlye Morota once again took on a 56-count brand new choreography to cover for her teammate who went to an important college interview. Senior Sabrina Wang also stepped in for her teammate who had an FLC. Junior Zeyuan Tang wasn’t given a dressing room, but he didn’t complain and paid great respect to all the female performers. Tang also had a strong performance on the stage. Freshman Abbie Jo Ward demonstrated great courage and confidence by dancing in front of 750 people for the first time. Her finishing move was right on the beat.


At the end of the performance, many parents from CAFAM Chinese School asked if Hyde dancers can teacher their children the dance we performed. Our next performance will be at Hyde School on February 14th. A Valentine’s Day themed mini performance is being rehearsed daily during practice.

Fan Luo  罗凡