Tough Loss for Hyde Lady Phoenix at NYA in Back-and-Forth Battle

Hyde Phoenix- 42

NYA Panthers- 45

Tuesday night the girls traveled to Yarmouth to play the North Yarmouth Academy Panthers.  Recently, the team has struggled to sustain four quarters of intense basketball but Tuesday, that all changed.

From the start, it was clear that it was going to be quite the Phoenix-Panthers battle.  The teams were head to head and often traded baskets each change in possession.  The Panthers came with a full court press which was easily shattered by the Phoenix who scored most of their points from lay-ups in the first quarter.  The Panther’s had to drop their press the rest of the game.  When the Panther’s went ahead in the second quarter, the Phoenix defense caused turnovers and capitalized on the offensive end in order to keep the game tight.  By the end of the half, the Phoenix and Panthers were at a 22-22 tie.

Each team continued to trade baskets late into the fourth.  Hyde was in foul trouble and with 1:03 to go in the game, Carolyn Moore ’14 tallied her fifth foul and the Panthers were now in double bonus.  With their best free throw shooter on the line and the game at 43-41, the Phoenix were nervous.  Luckily the nerves got to their top shooter and she only put one shot in to make it 43-42.  With an offensive opportunity, unfortunately a bad passed forced a turnover and gave the Panthers another offensive opportunity.  Two more fouls, Diamond Brown’s ’16 fifth foul, and three points later, the last horn sounded and the game ended with a score of 42-45 in the Panthers favor. Although a tough defeat, the girl’s heads were high.  The team felt a reconnected synergy on the court that had been missing for a number of games in January.

In recent games, the girls have struggled to put up the points on offense, but this game proved to be different and they stepped up their offensive intensity.  Moore ’14 was more aggressive at point guard, played well defensively, and finished the game with 6 points.  Lutes Bartlett ’16 stepped up big in the post for all four quarters, dominated the boards, and put up 8 points.  Brown ’16 went hard in the paint and put it all out there for four quarters.  She was the high scorer of the game with 17 points.  Allie Grover ’17, Kristine Bailey ’16, Kelsey Talbutt ’15, Emma Dubrovsky ’17, and Emma Leonard ’14 all jumped into the game and contributed to the team’s collective hard work.   Although a loss, the girl felt proud of their level of play and looked forward to ending the week strong against Acadia Christian on Friday and Saturday.

Coach Morse