The Bath Weekly: January 27 – January 31

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed, and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the HydeBath parents and the larger community into the school culture.

 Seniors Start Evaluations

 Hyde is a leadership school and the senior year challenges each Hyde senior to grapple with rigor, synergy, and conscience.  In the spring, the senior class along with the faculty spend more than 50 hours giving each senior a thorough and meaningful evaluation that helps lead each student to decide on their graduation designation and prepare their graduation speech.  Thus, the term “evals” at Hyde has come to mean a place where seniors and faculty become one group of committee individuals helping bring out the best in each other.

This week, we kicked off the evaluation process with a meeting to discuss the procedure. Some of the fundamentals of senior evals include:

  • We are honest with each other adult to adult – It is easy for faculty to slip into the trap that parents do with their children which is, “Let me lecture you about what you need to know and do.” In the evals, faculty and seniors are expected to give honest feedback and also share their own experiences when giving that evaluation. The result is a powerful experience of learning for both the seniors and the faculty.
  • The ultimate goal is to connect to conscience – While the seniors are used to giving and receiving evaluations throughout the leadership year, the spring is about listening to the evaluations of teachers, parents, and peers and then getting to individual conscience to decide upon the graduation designation. The three levels of graduation are personal and not known outside of the student and the Head of School.
  • Students are asked to “parent” their own unique potential – The founding philosophy of Hyde is, “Every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.”  Just as a parent makes a commitment to raise a child to their best, we ask the seniors to start to take the responsibility of carrying their potential away from their parents and teachers.  In order to do that, each senior must accept that strengthening their relationship with their individual conscience will be the compass to making the important and even everyday decisions of their life.

After going over these fundamentals, they then split into small groups where seniors and faculty gave themselves an evaluation of where they were with four months to go in the year.  After convening as a large group, the graduation designations were used to spark discussion on individual challenges and defining moments.  Several veteran faculty members set the tone with their level of sharing themselves.  The group will continue to have several of these “evals” this winter to help prepare everyone for the spring process.

The senior year is challenging and yet one of the most powerful aspects of Hyde’s leadership training.  Recently the Head of School, Laura Gauld, spoke to an alumni parent whose son graduated a few years ago. He commented on his son’s experience, “I am sure my son will have his challenges, yet I have complete confidence in his future after the amazing year of leadership he had as a senior at Hyde.”


Hyde Celebrates Chinese New Year

 image002To welcome the arrival of the Chinese New Year we here at Hyde met as a school to dance with dragons, learn the history of Nian and the significance of firecrackers and red envelopes, and see traditional Chinese costumes. Then, to round out our school-wide meeting, we added a uniquely Hyde tradition to the festivities.

The celebration started with faculty member Fan Luo giving us a little detail on the holiday and introducing the first act – a 70 foot dragon, held aloft by numerous volunteers and polls, that wound its way around the auditorium and up the bleachers. Once the audience got a taste for how the whole thing worked, some volunteered to take the reins.  Alex Greenberg ‘15, Chris Proach ‘14, Nicholas Boutboul ‘16, Daniel Kong ‘16, Zach Brandeis ‘14, and faculty member Cory Begly lofted the dragon into the air, and with Greenberg’s expert direction at the head, they did their own dragon dance for an excited, laughter-filled audience.

Next we were treated to a traditional Chinese dance by students Ferina Li ‘14 and Qin Wang ‘14.  This was followed with a presentation by Yidan Huang ’14 who told the story of Nian, the spirit warded off by celebrants using firecrackers. After the presentation, the Dance Team put on another performance, this time a ribbon dance known as The Warrior.

At the end we came together as a school to talk about the significance that the international community has here in all our lives.  Just a sample of these comments include our librarian Mary Denzer thanking Zeyuan Tang ‘16 for his wonderful work in the library, Matthew Lupovich ’14 talking about how great it is to have Yilong Liu ‘16 on his duty team, CJ giving a shout out to Ting Yu Wu ’15 for his leadership on the football team, and faculty member Rose Dorian praising Nu Li16 for stepping it up as an athlete.

Having everyone who would be celebrating the Chinese New Year come down off the bleachers and onto the floor gave us all a sense of just how integral the international community is to the larger Hyde community.  Teaching students from another culture, who speak first another language, who have grown up in lives so different from our own and yet can be so similar in so many ways, is a unique, humbling gift. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and whether it is eating moon cakes or dancing with dragons, we all appreciate the impact that being such a diverse, welcoming place can have on our time here at Hyde.


Mobile Food Truck Gives Back to Local Community


On Tuesday, several students braved the cold winter winds and attended the Bath Mobile Food Truck.  The MFT is a service that less fortunate citizens of Bath, Maine receive.  Several students sacrificed their time and efforts to help these families in need.  Students helped patrons receive their food and carried their items and bags for them.  Mrs. Kim Gates, Director of the Bath Mobile Food Truck, said, “The Hyde students are just so polite and always smiling.  They jump right in and are always looking to help the next person.”  The MFT helped roughly 100 people on Tuesday, and the students who volunteered their time assisted almost all of them for hours in the cold.  Sophomore Ben Mooney ’16 stated, “I never realized how many people in Bath need help.  I really like helping them.”

After the food truck was cleared of all its items, the students broke down the tables and helped with clean up.  First-time helper Cory Smit ’17 claimed upon finishing up the job, “I want to come back next month and help! Sign me up again.”  The students warmed up inside for a brief time, had some snacks, and were then headed back to campus to return to their sports practices.  Senior Richard Liu ’14 later said, “I truly felt that I benefited the community and gave back to others.”  Director Mrs. Kim Gates could not give enough gratitude and thanks to all the students who came out and helped with the event.  Please give a special thanks to Ben Mooney ‘16, Cory Smit ‘17, Richard Liu ‘14, Ryan Moran ’15, Tenzin Crane ’15, Jack Howarth ’14, Wang Xi ’14, and Dow Drukker ’15.


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