Hyde Indoor Track @ Northbridge

 Hyde Girls 0 vs. Grafton 85

 Hyde Girls 0 vs. Notre Dame 85

In our last meet against the teams in SWCL the guys took on Grafton while the girls competed against Grafton and Notre Dame.  While the girls were unable to put up any points in the meet Amelia Lyle did see PRs in both the 300m and the 50m.  Her time of 55.1 in the 300m was an improvement of more than 4 seconds over her previous performances.

Hyde Boys 23 vs. Grafton 63

On the guys’ side, Thomas Nixon, led the team in points scoring 10 of our 23 points against Grafton’s 63.  Thomas hit PRs in both the 50m dash- 5.8s and the 55H- 7.6s.  He took first place in both events.  Rob Ficarra put up 5pts taking first place in the shot with a 43-06.75 throw showing signs of pulling out of a bit of slump over the last week.  If I had a Courage Award to hand out this meet it would belong to Sean Sullins.  He first competed in the shot taking 2nd place with a 37-11.5, half an inch off of his best of the season.  Then, in the high jump, Sean was struggling to find his steps but pulled out a few very clean jumps at 4’10 and 5’.  On a 2nd attempt at 5’2” he over stepped, cleared the matts fully, and crashed to the floor after hitting his ankles on the standards.  As a former high jumper I can tell you that a fall like that can really shake you up.  It takes a lot to pick yourself up and brush yourself off in front of a big crowd.  It takes serious guts to head back to your mark, make some adjustments, and put up an excellent 3rd attempt.  That final attempt at 5’2” was just shy and his legs took the bar off but his recovery from his fall and his focus were something to be seen.  Sean took 3rd in the high jump putting together 4pts for the team.  Bill Lin also put up 4pts finishing 2nd in the 2mi in 12:57, and 3rd in the 1k in 3:37.8.  Very solid efforts all around and we’ll miss competing against the SWCL and independent teams at Northbridge and Tantasqua.  Two more meets on the season coming up with Andover on 1/29.


Coach Welsh