The Bath Weekly: January 20 – January 24

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed, and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the HydeBath parents and the larger community into the school culture.

Siblings Seek a Deeper Understanding of Self & Family


Numerous Hyde Students and their respective siblings spent the past weekend participating in an FLC that revolved specifically around the relationships between brothers and sisters.  It was an extremely insightful weekend for all and was a huge aid to furthering the understanding of one’s family as a whole.  The weekend was packed with activities ranging from auditions performed as duets, seminars that targeted the connection between parents and their children, and both physical and emotionally strenuous tasks such as a trust walk and climbing the “Alumni Rock”.  To witness the growth and bond formed over the course of a single weekend was both extremely uplifting and inspiring.  Sophomore Duncan O’Rourke ’16 had the following to say about the experience his older brother and he shared: ‘It was a rare but important opportunity for my brother and I to reconnect and feel able to discuss issues that can otherwise be avoided and not taken care of.  It definitely made our sense of brotherhood stronger.”  The sibling bond is one that brings its own fair share of complications, but it is also one that can bring the most effective form of support through trying times.  This weekend was a clear example of the importance of working on this dynamic.

Students and siblings who attended the Sibling FLC included James & Aidan Bristow, Victoria & Zac Messina, Amelia & Aidan Sperry, Sophia & Henry Passerini, Griffin & Duncan O’Rourke, Nate & Ben Klebe, Jesse & Isaac Higgins, Bailey & Cailin Darlin, Lily & Sam Zanta, Oliver & Sam Millard, Allison & Eric Stone, McKinley & Burke Riley, Mieke & Jaime Lynch, and Sierra, Mackenzie & Kelsey Talbutt.


MLK – A Day On!

Hyde School spent Monday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and it proved to be a powerful and meaningful day for all. After viewing the “I have a dream” speech given by Dr. King on the Washington Mall, the morning was spent rotating through workshops that included:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Singing protest songs
  • Living history on the story of Mohammed Ali
  • Understanding deep prejudices
  • Race issues in sports
  • Understanding privilege

The workshops were interactive and involved both students and faculty members injecting personal experiences into factual presentations. Later in the afternoon, a group of Hyde students joined Morse High School to march across the Carleton Bridge to symbolize the commitment it takes to mobilize and bring about real change. At the end of the day, we gathered for a candlelight school meeting where a candle was passed and individuals were asked to think about the question, “What is my dream for my life?” Students and faculty took turns and expressed some of the following:

“I want to have a footprint that says I did something that mattered.”

“I want to be a good father, a good husband, and teach my children to go beyond me.”

“I always thought that I wanted to do something really big, but now I think what I really want is to find someone to go through life with me.”

“I want to be a person that stands for something.”

“My dream is to take hold of my leadership and have the courage to dream big.”

“I want to make friends here at Hyde and graduate from this school.”

“My dream is to make a difference in this world.”

The day brought us closer as a school and was a powerful reminder that Dr. King was truly an individual who made a difference.


Wilderness FLC

image006A brave band of brothers (along with a hearty group of women) trekked to the Black Wilderness Preserve in Eustis this past week for the winter Wilderness Family Learning Center.  For any Hyde family who want a more self-directed FLC experience along with an element of adventure and outdoor skill acquisition, the WFLC is a powerful setting for growth and renewal.  You get to ‘unplug’ from electronics and everyday distractions that keep us from reflection and connection.

image004Four and a half families (one student intern) joined faculty members Ken Grant, Rose Dorian and Russ Varney for the third WFLC of the year.  Despite the polar vortex and plummeting temperatures, morale was high and the group formed a tight-knit community.  Meals of beef stew, Dutch oven pizza and gingerbread were welcomed fare after a day of hiking (snow shoes not required this year with the hard snow pack), family solos and a fire- building contest between fathers and sons.  Wisdom did not prevail that day and the younger and less experienced boys claimed the prize.  A reading of the Native American fable of Jumping Mouse inspired the group, and each family finished the experience with a deeply honest letter to self about their strengths, challenges and potential.

Carolyn Moore ’14 appreciated the beauty and quiet, and most importantly time with her father;  she said, “during the family solo I got to say everything to my Dad that I wanted to.”  Steve Mooney, father of Ben ’16, shared that “the trip was truly tonic for the soul.”


 Poetry Out Loud Finalists

image008On Tuesday, a group of juniors gathered in the theater to recite poems of their choice. As the winners of their English class, these juniors advanced to the final school-wide competition. This contest encourages students to appreciate great poetry to through memorization and delivery. The hope is to help students master public speaking and build self-confidence. Judges Kirstie Truluck, Hilary Kidwell, and Evan Coleman evaluated the performance based on physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, level of complexity, and evidence of understanding. The winner of the school-wide Poetry Out Loud competition is Isaac Higgins. The runner-up and third place award go to Rich Ramirez and Maryssa Haggett respectively. Top two competitors will advance to the States Finals.















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