Tough Wolfpack Thirds Team Continues to Build

January 8, 2014

Mens 3rds Basketball vs Pomfret School

Hyde: 15; Pomfret School: 54

On Wednesday, Hyde School’s 3rds basketball team faced off against the Pomfret Griffins in Kreb’s Gym. Pomfret’s height and athleticism caused problems for the Wolfpack in the first half, as the Griffin’s dominated the rebounding battle and lived off second-chance points. The Wolfpack showed more toughness in the second half and committed to boxing out the competition. Jason Ruan ’17 led the team in scoring, netting eight points, while fellow freshman King Jin scored the other seven points. Clement Hong ’16 was the team’s defensive leader, while reserve sophomores Kevin Wang and Jim Wang fought for rebounds in the paint. Henry Yu ’17 also impressed his coaches with his effort off the bench.

Coach Osar

January 16, 2014

Mens 3rds Basketball @ Pomfret School

Hyde: 28; Pomfret School: 58

On Wednesday, Hyde School’s 3rds basketball team traveled to Pomfret to face the Griffins for the second time this week. From the opening tip, it looked like Pomfret would run away with the game, as Hyde struggled to integrate several new players. Despite staring down a 34 -4 halftime score, the Wolfpack refused to roll over, relying on energy and teamwork to provide an exciting and competitive second half. Brian Thornton ’15 hit four three-point shots to lead all Hyde scorers with twelve points, while fellow newcomer Mike Vulpis ’16 chipped in eight points. Also scoring for the Wolfpack were Alex Jambor ’16, Jason Ruan ’17, and Allen Lin ’16. Other students who stood out for their effort on the court were Dorje Kutler ’17 and Aaron Cao ’16. Sophomore and defensive stalwart Clement Hong also disrupted the Griffin’s offense with three tremendous blocked shots. After the final buzzer, Hyde was proud of their astounding improvement in the second half and the team looks forward to carrying the momentum into Saturday’s game at Valley View School.


Coach Osar