Wolfpack Varsity Basketball Review

Hyde-Woodstock: 74
St. Thomas Moore: 59

Hyde Woodstock drove down to Oakdale, Connecticut to play against a good St. Thomas Moore basketball team. Hyde began the game with high intensity on both ends of the floor. On the defensive end, Hyde put a lot of pressure on the ball and forced STM to turn the ball over several times. On the offensive end, Hyde did a great job finishing around the basket. Hyde held a 33-24 lead at the half. In the second half they continued to force turnovers through the tenacious defense of Kenny Grant ’14, Dexter Thompson ’14 and Damon Gomes’ 14.   Kenny Grant’14, Fedja Djurisic ’14 and EJ Jordine (PG) did a phenomenal job attacking the basket. Although STM made runs,  Hyde’s tough defense was able to stop them. Dexter Thompson Lead all scorers with 25 points. Grant, Djurisic, and Jordine chipped in 17, 15, and 10 points respectively.

Hyde-Woodstock: 67
Lexington Christian: 66

Hyde Woodstock drove to Lexington, Massachusetts to play against a tough Lexington Christian team. In the first half of the game, Hyde struggled on both ends of the floor. The Wolf Pack were unable to make shots and stop Lexington Christian three point shooting, which put them in a 10 point deficit at the half. Hyde continued to struggle at the beginning of the second half. They turned over the ball and could not make field goals. However, at around the 10 minute mark Hyde began to come together under the leadership of  Damon Gomes’15 and EJ Jordine (PG). Hyde was able to get defensive stops and make big shots on the offensive end. The biggest shot of the game came from Gomes. With less than 15 seconds left in the game he hit a running floater over a Lexington Christian defender to give Hyde its first lead. Lexington Christian was unable to get a shot off and Hyde was able to prevail. Kenny Grant ’14 led Hyde with 20 points and 14 rebounds. Dexter Thompson ‘15 and Damon Gomes ’15 scored 16 and 13 points respectively.

Bob Southall Classic at Loomis Chaffee
Hyde-Woodstock: 49
Kimball Union: 72

Hyde Woodstock boys varsity basketball team traveled to Windsor, Connecticut to compete in the Bob Southall basketball tournament before the winter. The tournament featured some of New England’s best basketball teams. In the first contest, Hyde faced Class AA power Kimball Union Academy. The game began with a lot of intensity from both teams. Hyde played really hard but ran out of gas. As the game progressed KUA’s depth proved to be a great strength. Dexter Thompson ’15 led the team in scoring with 17 points, while Kenny Grant ‘14 and Fedja Djurisic ’14 chipped in 11 and 10 points respectfully.

Redemption Christian: 59 

In the second contest in the Bob Southall tournament Hyde faced a tough Redemption Christian team. Hyde came out flat and lacked energy which resulted in them being down 28-20 at the half. However, the energy picked up in the second half of the game and Hyde was able to make runs. Unfortunately, they were unable to make key shots towards the end of the game. Kenny Grant’14 led all scorers with 28 points.

Hyde-Woodstock: 63
Gunnery: 76

In the final game of the Bob Southall tournament Hyde played against the Gunnery School. The team struggled to find a rhythm on both ends of the floor. The Gunnery School came to play and made important shots down the stretch that made it hard for Hyde to comeback. Kenny Grant’14 led all scorers with 28 points.

Hyde-Woodstock: 59
Vermont Academy: 63

Hyde Woodstock played its second home game of the season against Class AA power Vermont Academy. From the second the ball was tip energy was running high for both teams. For the first couple of possessions both teams were exchanging baskets. As the game progressed Hyde began to show signs of fatigue and Vermont Academy was able to take advantage. Vermont Academy led 28-21 at halftime. At the beginning of the second half, Hyde came out strong but was unable to make shots, while Vermont Academy use its momentum from the first half to build a 12 point lead. However, that did not scare Hyde. The wolfpack fought hard and was able to erase the deficit to two points and had an opportunity to tie or win the game with five seconds left on the game clock. Hyde was unable to take advantage of the possession and lost a nail bitter to a tough Vermont Academy. Harrison Smith ’15 and Damon Gomes ‘14 played excellent defense and made key shots throughout the game. Kenny Grant’14 led all scorers with 21 points.  Dexter Thompson’15 added 13 points.

Hyde-Woodstock: 60
St. Luke’s: 55

Hyde Woodstock hosted its third home game of the season against a good St. Luke’s team. The mighty Wolfpack was able to prevail 60-55 in a hard fought game. The game was tight all the way through. Late in the second half, St. Luke’s led by six points and Hyde was able to chip at the lead through forcing turnovers and making layups. Hyde’s ability to make lay ups and free-throws down the stretch helped them win the game.

The Wolfpacks’ balance and diversity of contributions was their strength. A huge contribution came from Uzoma Agbasione ’14. Agbasione ’14 did a phenomenal job defending a 6’8 division 1 scholarship recipient. He also made key free-throw shots down the stretch. Damon Gomes ’15 did an excellent job directing the team through his leadership and composure. Moustapha Niang ’15 did a great job coming off the bench, scoring a crucial two point field goal. Dexter Thompson ’15 led all scorers with 19 points. Gomes ’15 chipped in 15 points respectively.

Coach Fenelus