Wolfpack V Wrestling Faces Choate, Hotchkiss

Hyde-Woodstock traveled to Choate Rosemary Hall this Wednesday to face off against both the host school and Hotchkiss.  With only one practice between returning from break, and some holes in our line-up, we had to face several obstacles before even hitting the mats.  Due to several injuries, illness and people not registered in the system, the WolfPack gave up 30 points in forfeits prior to each match, unless Choate or Hotchkiss was also forfeiting those weight classes as well.

Hotchkiss School: 45
Hyde-Woodstock: 21

 We opened up against Hotchkiss, a school we usually do not see until New England’s.  It was impressive to see several wrestlers go the full six minutes in their matches.  Newcomer, Markus Rhyner ’16 had a high scoring match when he bested his opponent at the 106lb weight class 15-8.  Dylan Marx ’14, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, and Chris Kerdavid ’16 all fought tough, but lost by decisions to their opponents.  Only giving up three points to a team, rather than the six points a pin would earn, is a key to a successful season.  Other highlights included wins by Scott Leonard ’14 and Felipe Azevedo ’14, who both earned pins.  Our team captain, Marcos Mercado ’14 received a forfeit when the coaches intentionally dodged him in the line-up.  Taking into account the forfeits in this matchup, the actual score was roughly 15 Hyde to 21 Hotchkiss.  We hope to fill these holes as we enter tournament season.

Choate Rosemary Hall: 68
Hyde-Woodstock: 6

In stark contrast to our match against Hotchkiss was the second match against Choate.  Choate is a tough team and has depth in their line-up.  They were strong where we were strong, and also had the numbers to take forfeits where we had no competitor.  This culminated in a near shut out for Choate.  Of note were four matches that went the distance as the Hyde wrestlers refused to be pinned.  Markus Rhyner ’16 lost by one point in a tough match against his opponent.  Chris Kerdavid ’16 was beaten by a technical fall (15 point lead), and both Dawit Kiflemariam ’15 and Stephen Simon ’16 both forced a decision in their matches.  Marcos Mercado ’14 faced Choate’s team captain and earned a quick pin in the first period, earning our only team points for the day.  Although it was a lopsided competition, by removing our forfeits which accumulated 30pts for the opposition, it puts things more in perspective.  Choate 38-Hyde 6 was a more realistic depiction on the day.

We look ahead to this weekend for our annual quad-meet in which we will see Andover, Deerfield and Hyde-Bath.  We are excited to test our meddle for a second time against our sister school.  Wish us luck and thanks for all your support.


Coach Jenkins & Assistant Coach LaBeef