Win for Wolfpack Indoor Track @ Northbridge

The indoor track team just returned from another meet at Northbridge High and we saw some very encouraging performances.


Hyde 6 vs. Leicester 67- Loss
Hyde 1 vs. Uxbridge 85- Loss



Hyde 22.67 vs. Uxbridge 62.33- Loss
Hyde 55.5 vs. Leicester 22.5 – Win

The boys took home their first win against Leicester and put up some points against Uxbridge.  The team was lead in points by Sean Sullins who scored in the Shot Put, High Jump, 55m Dash, and the 300m putting up 15 points against Leicester and 8.33 points against Uxbridge.  This was Sean’s first meet, and first ever time throwing shot, or trying the high jump.  His 37’ 11” throw right off the bat was great surprise and clearing 5’ 1” on his first attempts at HJ is a great start.  Rob Ficarra took first overall in the shot with a 43’4” an picked up a point against Leicester in the 300m.  He has done an excellent job of working to pass on his knowledge to the new throwers on the team  Joe Deliso picked up the shot for the first time and tossed a 26’5” not quite enough to score but a great first attempt.  He did pick up first and second place points against Leicester in the 600m and 300m which he ran back to back with about a 5 minute recovery.  Watching him edge out the competition in his 600m heat in the last 10m was awesome.  He really dug deep, caught, and out-leaned the leaders in the final steps.  Excellent effort!  Thomas Nixon and Jerry Wangput some points up in the 50H and 50M.  Nixon took two firsts and two second places against Leicester and Uxbridge respectively.  He continues to offer a lot to the team.  He keeps us organized and focus, and sets the right tone for his teammates.  Jerry grabbed a 2nd and 3rd against Leicester and a 3rd against Uxbridge.  Finally Bill Lin chased down 10 points for us by winning the 2mi and the 1000m against Leicester and dropping as much as 20 seconds from his 2mi last week.  While Uxbridge proved to be too much, it was quite an accomplishment for our team of 9 to take down Leicester’s team of 25 boys.  It was an excellent competition, with an incredibly sportsman like group of teams, and a flawlessly run meet.  Couldn’t have asked for more.

The girls story is a bit shorter as we only have our dynamic duo to discuss.  While Amelia Lyle didn’t quite match her performance from last week, she did have a solid meet.  Amelia threw 22’ even, a little under last week, but still picked up a 1st place against Leicester.  She came back to run the 50m pulling in a 3rd place.  Unfortunately she was feeling a little under the weather and scratched from the 300m.  Still a very solid night for her.  Katie Mehiel did not score but came very close with a 4th place against Leicester after adding over a foot to her throws from last week.

The whole team continues to work hard and give their all.  For a team of 9 guys to win against a larger competitor, everyone needs to be willing to jump in wherever they are asked, and with a winning attitude.  Our guys are doing just that and grabbed a W because of it.  Looking forward to watching these guys and girls continue to grow in leaps and bounds this season!!

Coach Welch