The Bath Weekly: December 16 – December 20

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed, and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde-Bath parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Senior Soliloquies

One of the seminal moments for a Hyde senior is the public performance of their Senior Soliloquy. Senior English teacher Hillary Kidwell asks her students to imagine their life is a play and to bring themselves back to some big, important action. Imagine they have just gone through that pivotal moment and are now alone, on stage, given a moment to reflect. What would they say? The seniors are graded on the seriousness of the conflict they portray, their use of style and literary devices, providing a dramatic delivery, and progress from their initial draft.

Our seniors delivered their soliloquies with force, conviction, and heart. The first monologue examined the speaker’s role in the life and love of her parents, delving into the many emotions their separation caused: feelings of guilt and bitterness, loneliness, and hate. Another student spoke of the “wall that taunts [him] and criticizes [him],” the wall that “wants [him] to break.” The great struggle of his life is to climb that wall, and the higher he has climbed, the greater the fall could be. Still others talked about blankets of guilt, caves of regret, and the loss of their internal compass.

The unanimous feedback from these soliloquies was that our seniors are capable of reaching a level of emotional depth and maturity that rivals the great authors they read. You do not have to live long to live deeply, and never has that been more clearly obvious than while sitting in the audience for the delivery of these soliloquies. At Hyde we ask of our students many things, the most important being to look at themselves, to evaluate and judge for themselves the kind of person they want to be. These senior soliloquies give our students a chance to express something deep and powerful within them and to really ask that question.


Freshman English Project

In Freshman English this week, the students got in groups and created a video game based on the story Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe.  This video game proposal in PowerPoint format was presented to their teacher Mrs. Moore on Thursday morning.

Each group member had a role in creating the proposal.  The story consultant made sure that the different elements of the game being designed stayed true to the story it was based on.  The character designer was responsible for creating the game characters.  He/she had to include all the major characters from the story and needed to have characters who caused conflict while trying to keep the protagonist from reaching his or her goal.  The setting designer was responsible for creating the setting/levels for the game.  He/she designed at least four different levels, including pictures and descriptions of each level, and what the task for that level was.  Finally, the obstacles designer included at least six different conflicts, obstacles, or dangers that the main character would encounter.  This included pictures and a description of the obstacles or dangers.  Finally, they included strategies and tips to overcome these obstacles in the game.  It was a lot of fun to watch the students present their proposed game ideas!


Christmas Party a Great Success!

On Saturday, over 50 students volunteered to help with Hyde’s annual Salvation Army Christmas Party. Students and faculty shared their holiday spirit with approximately 20 families from the Bath area who had been invited to attend the event by representatives from the local Salvation Army.

Hillary Kidwell, a Hyde faculty member who coordinated the event, said, “I look forward to this event because it allows our students a chance to feel the sense of giving and connection that makes this season so special. Whether they act as hosts to a family, dress up as elves in silly costumes, or simply volunteer time to purchase and wrap gifts—all of them will be touched by the giving spirit.  This year Hyde students raised over half of the money used to purchase individualized gifts for the children who attended the event.  The annual event was started in 1994 by former Hyde faculty member and alumni parent Quynn Taylor who wanted to direct the spirit of holiday giving beyond the Hyde gates.”

With a visit from Santa arriving on a fire truck with his elves, a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, music, and a dinner by Hyde Chef John Brawn and his staff, the holiday spirit was in abundance at this year’s Salvation Army Christmas Party.


The Phoenix Wrestles President’s Cup Away from Woodstock

 The Phoenix wrestling program made Bath extremely proud this past Wednesday evening as they fought the good fight and managed to keep the President’s Cup in the hands of the Bath community.  Woodstock ventured north through the recent remains of a heavy snowfall to compete in the annual showdown between Hyde-Bath vs. Hyde-Woodstock, and both teams put on an eventful show in the bright lights of the theatre.  Coach Kidwell states, “I am very proud of all the athletes who participated in tonight’s competition, in particular the JV wrestlers who won their first President’s Cup title in Hyde history!  The boys were down 12 points with three matches to go and won all three for the comeback. We couldn’t have asked for more grit and tenacity from these guys.”  The three novice wrestlers he speaks of are as follows: Sky Zhao ’15, Jeremy Jin ’17 andJack Ghoa ’17.  Jake Deutschlander ’15 and PG Jared Jenson ‘14 led the charge on the varsity end of the meet and demonstrated their true veteran colors as they outfought and outwitted their opponents.  Zach Messina ’15 and Zach Harrison ’15 were each faced with very tough opponents and both demonstrated an impressive show of perseverance with Messina getting his first varsity level pin.  The President’s Cup is always sure to evoke a bit of friendly competition between the two campuses, and the 2013 annual wrestling tournament did not disappoint!