Phoenix Varsity Basketball Tame Bears!

South Portland, December 16th-The Hyde Phoenix (3-0) continued on their winning ways by defeating the Bears of AR Gould by a score of 70-32.  The game was played at the Long Creek facility in South Portland on Monday. Hyde exchanged baskets early with AR Gould. Akim Sanni ‘16 andEvander Lenardson’14 each had field goals as the Phoenix attempted to go inside early. Hyde was able to get into the passing lanes and force the issue.  Lenardson (10 points) had his best game since returning from injury.  He found his jump shot. Evander also had improved effort on the defensive end.  Sanni continued to dominate the paint. He led all scorers with 15 points and 8 rebounds in only 2 quarters of play.  Good things seem to happen for the Phoenix when Sanni gets touches in the low post.

Wilson MacMillan ‘14 (12 points, 4 assists, 0 turnovers) played point guard in the second quarter as Hyde rode the hot hand of Talin Rowe ‘14(10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) who converted on 4 field goals from the high post.

In the second half, AR Gould battled back behind some deep outside scoring as they converted on three 3pt field goals.

Frederik Lasson ‘15 (4 rebounds, 4 assists) had his first start of the season and played his best game.  Lasson did a great job of providing some help defense in the paint. He played with poise on the offensive end.  Despite not scoring, he did a lot of the little things that fans often miss, and coaches always love to see happen.

Kiefer Cundy ’15  played a good second half.  With Cundy at point guard, Hyde moved into a ball control game. This seemed to free up the Phoenix even more.  The team was unselfish in sharing the ball. I liked our shot selection.  Players were focused on making the right play, rather than simply shooting the ball because they had an open shot.

Something else that was noteworthy is that we made some improvement on foul shots. Hyde shot 7/13 from the free throw line.

This is the third game in a row that I have had parents, coaches and officials go out of their way to remark on the sportsmanship and hustle of the Phoenix.  One coach remarked, “I am always amazed that the even the players on your bench dive in the stands for loose balls. There’s no let-up…from your starters to the last man. I want my team to learn how to play like that.”

Coach Rowe