Fr. Allison Grover Ignites Phoenix Girls V Basketball to a Win Over Seacoast

Hyde Phoenix 35

Seacoast 23

allisonFr. Allison Grover came off the bench to provide a spark to a Hyde Phoenix team that had gotten off to a sluggish start against visiting Seacoast.  In addition to scoring a career high 6 points, Grover set the tone by hustling all over the court playing with energy and passion.  To see a freshmen step up to lead her teammates was very inspiring.  Grover was not the only underclassmen to provide such leadership.  So. Lutes Bartlett continued to demonstrate her own growth and development as she added 6 points to the Hyde tally and So. Diamond Brown once again led all scorers with 11 points.  Sr. Carolyn Moorefollowed the lead of her younger teammates as she notched a season high of 8 points.  This young Phoenix team has a lot of work to do make up for the limits of its collective basketball experience, but their attitudes are overall positive.  Players new to the game like Sophomores Kristine Bailey and Anna Presson along with Fr. Rachel Wikman all welcome the opportunity to get in the game, and play with enthusiasm as they try to execute what they are learning in practice.  The ladies were proud to ring the bell as a team to celebrate their first official victory of the season. 



Richard Polgar