Big Win for Wolfpack Boys Varsity Basketball at James Roman Tournament

James Roman Tournament Game 1

Hyde-Woodstock: 67
Hyde-Bath: 41

This past weekend the Hyde Woodstock boys varsity basketball team traveled to Bath, Maine to compete in the James Roman tournament as the teams’s season opener. The tournament began with a game against our biggest rival and sister school, Hyde Bath. By  halftime the score was close, with Woodstock leading by two points with a score of 29-27. At the beginning of the second half, the Wolfpack quickly gained momentum, scoring basket after basket. Woodstock held a strong defensive blockade only allowing in 14 points from the Phoenix. Big Man & Captain  Kenneth Grant Jr. ’14 started the season out strong as the highest scorer of the game with 21 points. The Wolfpack then moved on to play two more games in the tournament.


James Roman Tournament Game 2

Hyde-Woodstock: 52
Kent’s Hill: 43

On the second day of the Tournament, Hyde Woodstock played Kent’s Hill. With two strong players out of the starring five out taking the SAT, the nervous tension on the team was palpable.

The Wolfpack started out strong but was down by two points at the half. The two teams were equally matched in skill; it was execution and effort that led the Wolfpack to its second win of the tournament, with a final score of 52. Juniors Dexter Thompson ’15 and Damon Gomes ’15 took charge of the team and showed their true athletic potential. Thompson led the Wolfpack’s score with sixteen points. The team moved on to play one more game that afternoon.


James Roman Tournament Game 3

Hyde-Woodstock: 58
Landmark School: 25

In the third and final game of the tournament, Hyde Woodstock played Landmark. Once again, the team began the game missing two vital players who did not arrive until the end of the second quarter. The Wolfpack came out strong with a lead over Landmark throughout the entire game. The final score was 58-25 with the Wolfpack gaining another win and securing the title of champions for the entire tournament. Once again, Grant was the leading scorer of the game, with sixteen points despite only playing for half of the game after returning from his SAT. Grant also earned the title of MVP for the tournament.  Overall, the James Roman Tournament gave the team a peek into the potential that they have for the entire season.

Hyde-Woodstock: 73
Putnam Science: 81

Returning from their James Roman win, on Monday evening the Woflpack took on Putnam Science Academy in a highly anticipated matchup. The gym was packed with friends, family and fans of the team. The energy in the building spread across the court. The teams took their places on the floor as the first half began. The Wolfpack persevered through the first half, only trailing by eleven points. As the buzzer sounded signaling the end of the period, power forward Grant made a spectacular dunk.

Small forwards Fedja Djurisic ’14 and Errald Jordine (PG) supported the team admirably with their reliable skill set and determination as the Wolfpack entered the second half. Point guard Damon Gomes ’15 played a fantastic game, attacking the basket every chance he got, in total scoring ten points for the team. Standout of the game, Dexter Thompson ’15, played his best game yet, scoring a total of twenty-eight points, more than a third of the Wolfpack’s total. The rivalry on the court was intense right to the last second of the buzzer, with Hyde finally falling to PSA 81-73. A tough loss but a tribute to the Wolfpack’s grit and guts on the court.

The Boys Varsity team looks forward to their next match against St. Thomas More on December 13th . Go Wolfpack!

(Report written by Jessica Schwartz and Grace Briggs)