Tough Loss for Phoenix BVS in MAISAD Final vs Hebron

Hyde School                       1

Hebron Academy             3

Boys varsity soccer traveled to Hebron Academy on Saturday for the finals of the MAISAD tournament.  The match was played on their natural grass field under clear skies, cold temperatures and moderate northwest winds.

The Phoenix tallied the first goal in the 5th minute of play.  Wilson MacMillan`14 scored on a Ben Mooney`16 assist to go up 1-0.  The Lumberjacks did a nice job of responding with increased offensive pressure, but solid defensive play lead by centerback Andrew Davis`15 and backed up by keeper Noah Horning`15 thwarted their efforts.  Holding center midfielder Kiefer Cundy`15 was instrumental in moving the ball through the midfield and out to wingers Ben Mooney`16 on the left and Wes Miller`14 on the right.  The wingers were able to move the ball down the flanks and get it into the attacking third of the field, creating scoring opportunities for forwards Frederik Lasson`15 and Wilson MacMillan`14.  The score at half time was 1-0.

The Phoenix came out flat in the second half and the Lumberjacks capitalized on this.  In the 67th minute Hebron scored the equalizer to tie it up.  The Hyde boys struggled to regain their form and allowed their opponents to dictate play for much of the remainder of the match.  Hebron scored two more goals; one in the 71st minute and the final one in the 78th minute.  Hyde briefly gained some tractions late in the match, but it was too late to effect the outcome.  It was a tough loss to a very good team.

Hopefully we can get back on track as we prepare for the NEPSAC New England Tournament.  We are seeded number 4,  with a quarterfinal match at home on Wednesday at 2:00 against number 5 seed, The Cambridge School of Weston.