Phoenix Boys Varsity Soccer Takes on Gould in MAISAD Semi Finals, Wins 3-1

Hyde School                       3

Gould Academy                1

Gould Academy traveled to Bath to play in the semi-final match for the MAISAD tournament.  The game was played on the turf field under sunny skies, cool temperatures and moderate south east winds.

Hyde had the wind in their face for the first half of play and adjusted to it by playing the ball on the ground when possible.  For much of the first 20 minutes of play, the Phoenix won the possession game and had some quality chances on goal.  However, as the game progressed, Gould gained momentum and made some good shots on goal.   Keeper Noah Horning`15 did an outstanding job, making some big saves.  Unfortunately, Hyde gave up a penalty kick in the 21st minute, the result of an unintentional handball in the box, to go down a goal.  The score at half time was 0-1.

The Phoenix came out hot in the second period.  Two minutes into the second half, Wilson MacMillan`14 scored off a Kiefer Cundy`15assist to tie it up.  Seven minutes later, in the 52nd minute, Hyde scored again on a beautifully placed goal from Ben Mooney`16Wilson MacMillan`14 is credited with the assist.  At this point, the intensity of the game started to rise as the opposition worked harder to even the score.   Hyde responded with solid defending by centerback Andrew Davis`15, stopper Dow Drukker`15, left fullback Eric Stone`14 and right fullbackWyatt Lichtenger`14.  In the closing minutes of the game, the Gould keeper was out of the net near half field in a last ditch attempt to score the equalizing goal.  This backfired for them when Frederik Lasson`15 stripped the ball from the keeper’s feet near half field and shot from 50 yards out.  The ball didn’t have much pace, but did manage to roll into the mouth of the open goal with just 25 seconds left in regulation.

It was an impressive come from behind win for the Phoenix.  With this victory, they head to the finals for the MAISAD tournament on Saturday.  That match will be played at Hebron Academy at 2:00 on their natural grass pitch.  It promises to be an intense contest.

Coach Smith