Phoenix Varsity Football Fly (And Run) Over the Hebron Jacks

Team:  Varsity Football

Date:   Nov 2, 2013

Score:  Hyde:  42             Hebron Academy: 29

Saturday night under the lights on a crisp fall evening:

“How sweet it is”.[1]

Hebron’s Lumberjacks arrived hungry for a win.  The Phoenix were ready to fly.

Jared Jensen ’14 took the opening kickoff 85 yards for the touchdown, Sean Smerczynski ’14 added the 2 point conversion and with 13 seconds gone in the game and most of the fans still at the snack shack…

Hyde was on top 8 – 0.

Twenty five seconds later, Jack #11 Duane Thompson picked up the bouncing kick off on his 10 yard line…90 yards later he was in the end zone with kicker Anthony Petrov adding the extra point: 8 – 7.

“I like this game…it’s so exciting!”[2]

Five minutes later, Jensen would add a 22 yard running TD, and Hyde never really looked back.  Jensen would end the evening with 16 carries for 177 yards, 1 interception and more than a few tackles on defense.  The second quarter belonged to the Phoenix as Sean Smerczynski ’14 (18 carries for 132 yards on the day) added a 2 yard scamper finishing a Hyde 62 yard drive started in the first quarter at the 11:07 mark of the 2nd.   Caleb Jones ’14 would add two more Phoenix TD’s (6 carries for 59 yards with 9 tackles) on short bursts to cap off sustained Hyde drives.  The Tenacious Phoenix-D, stifled the Jack-Attack with D-Ends Chris Collins ’14 (a sack and 8 tackles) and Sam Zanta ’15 (1 sack and 6 tackles) and Ryan Moran ’15 (2 tackles a sack and a fumble recovery) sealing the outside run while Jack Howarth ’14 (7 tackles and a sack) and Sean Smerczynski ’14 (8 tackles and 2 sacks) plugged up the middle.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”[3]

The third quarter both teams took to the air to gain ground and add points to the score board.  Jack #21 Naquan Bowlin scampered 80 yards down the sideline after a quick bubble screen on the second play of the third quarter.  Six minutes later, again capping a sustained Hyde drive, Chris Collins ’14 (4 catches for 53 yards) added his 6 points and the 3rd quarter ended with Hyde in control of the air and ground and leading 42 – 13.

“Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood, the last drop of fuel,  the last beat of the heart”[4]

The Lumberjacks never quit. Bowlin and Thompson each added a second TD to close the scoring and the game with a Phoenix Victory!

[1] Jackie Gleason, The Honeymooners

[2] “Scotty” aboard the Enterprise, Star Trek X

[3] Muhammad Ali (nee Cassius Clay).

[4] Baron Manfred von Richthofen