The Bath Weekly: October 28 – November 1

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed,and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde-Bath parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Girls Junior Varsity Soccer are MAISAD Champions!

image003It was a bright, cold day chasing the tail end of October, and the clock had just struck 3:00. The Girls Junior Varsity Soccer team took to the field to compete in the MAISAD championship, a home game against tough rivals Hebron Academy. “The road to get there had its fair share of ups and downs,” writes head coach Emma Lobozzo, “a mix of exhilarating triumphs as well as difficult defeats.” What held the team together was the foundation of trust and the growing sense of family that was built up throughout their season. Post-grad Eliana Goldberg ‘14 and sophomoreDiamond Brown ‘16 shared this sentiment, “It was the test of being a family,” writes Diamond. “I never thought I would talk to many of these girls, but we formed a very tight bond.” The team’s commitment to each other is witnessed by the many nights spent preparing and eating meals together, living, working, and going to school together. Building bonds of friendship that went far beyond the field.

At Hyde there is an understanding that athletics do not just build character, they reveal it. “Delayed gratification,” writes Coach Emma Lobozzo. “It’s a principle that is difficult to grasp as a young adult, but one that is unforgettable once experienced, and our team felt its force this Wednesday.” Eliana felt this experience first-hand at their championship game, and although she had never considered herself a very fast player, she was able to wrestle the ball out from under one of Hebron’s quickest and get it off of their side and move the momentum to the offensive.

The game was perhaps a poetic expression of their season. “The team briefly struggled to find their groove in the first half but after meeting at half time they came back with a fiery desire to win,” writes their head coach.  “The surge of pride and accomplishment this group of girls felt in the final minutes of the championship game had less to do with the score and much more to do with a season spent working on diligence, tenacity, and synergy. It was an honor to witness, and a moment that each athlete will surely reflect on during those moments when they need a charge of inspiration. That which is good in life rarely comes in an instant, but is rather the result of a constant stride in pursuit of something greater for yourself and those around you. The ladies of Hyde’s JV soccer program of 2013 were relentless in this pursuit.” A final score of 2–0 reflects the outcome of this pursuit.

Finally, the coaches and team would like to offer a special thanks to all those who have been supportive of their team over the course of the last couple of months. “We truly could not have done it without you.”

 Fall Family Weekend

 Fall Family Weekend on the Bath campus exceeded the expectations of many participants. One parent summarized, “Fall Family Weekend delivered everything we were told it would. It had blood, sweat, tears, and guts. We loved it!” Excellence in effort and results seemed to be exhibited everywhere. Discovery Group seminars all fulfilled the stages of raising important growth issues for each family on Friday afternoon – then openly wrestling with those growth issues on Saturday morning with the helpful in-put of other families and Hyde Alumni Parents (HAPA, who gave up a weekend to lend an important hand to current families) – and finally concluded with further work for home and the vacations coming up shortly. Another parent offered, “The rigor on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning lent itself to the joy and celebration that were so evident on Saturday evening. After four kids, we are still learning how our family can grow in new ways and be at our best.” The various sizes and foci of meetings and workshops offered many opportunities to learn and to participate. A parent summarized her opportunity this way, “It was a great step of courage for me to stand up and speak in a community meeting.” A more personal format with the school’s founder moved another parent to comment, “I made an appointment with Joe Gauld to just introduce myself, and I left with a lot of insight on myself and my family.” A mom, leaving the rehearsal for the Mom’s Dance, said, “My new life is beginning.” All of this learning and inspiration (and feedback from parents) is already beginning to turn the wheels of the Family Education Department to planning an even more engaging Spring Family Weekend!


Red Cross Blood Drive Comes to Hyde-Bath

Hyde met and exceeded its goal of 35 units of life-saving blood donated this Wednesday at a Blood Drive organized by senior faculty member John Romac. Some 48 donors presented, a few of whom had to be turned down because they were students who had important athletic events just hours away. It was in this spirit of giving that Hyde faculty, students, and local residents showed up to do their part. There were a total of 27 donors from the surrounding community, an increase from last spring and a sign of just how far our reach can extend beyond the gates. The head nurse of the Red Cross team who came to Hyde noted that our campus is one of her favorite locations to work at because the students are so well mannered and helpful. Student volunteers included Aaron Leffert ‘15, Cristina Boeckel ‘15, Gigi Chen ‘16, Evander Lenardson ‘14, Jack Howarth ‘14, Ben Fusco ‘14, Katerina Ellison ‘14, and Heaven Redd ‘16. These volunteers helped check in donors and worked the “canteen” where donors were able to snack, relax, and recover after giving their generous donation.


Freshman Visit BIW

 image005In the rush of Family Weekend and the busy schedule we keep here at Hyde, an exciting and informative day for the freshman may have gone unnoticed. During a day of college work and PSATs for the upperclassmen, the entire freshman class headed to Bath Iron Works for an exciting and informative day!  They started off the morning with a quick check-in meeting, answering the questions:

What is going well with me?

What do I feel proud of?

What am I struggling with?

Answers to the first two questions ranged from, “I’m proud of all the hard work I am doing in academics” to “I really like playing football, and I am working hard at it” and “I’m starting to really reach out and talk to more people, which is new for me. “

Some of the struggles shared were: “I am not doing well in science” to “I am homesick” to “I need to work on my English speaking.”

After their meeting, they took a ride over to the Maine Maritime Museum, boarded the Bath Trolley and toured the Bath Iron Works!  They saw ships being built, as well as viewing the new stealth destroyer that was just finished – the Zumwalt.

Afterwards, students shared what they had learned:

  •   “I learned that this new stealth ship is invisible to radar because it has no right angles.”
  • “I learned that 5500 people work to build ships in Bath.”
  • “I learned that the men and women on the Zumwalt will live inside all the time – like a submarine.”
  • “I learned how to take a ship from being built to the dry dock then to the river.”
  • “I learned that they build ships in three parts.”

It was a fun and exciting day!  Our thanks to Grayson’s mom Judi Jones for making this happen!

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