Tough Phoenix Boys Varsity Team Battles Bridgton to Tie, 2-2

Hyde School                       2

Bridgton Academy           2

Bridgton Academy traveled to Bath to play the Phoenix on Friday.  The match was played under partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures on the turf field.

It was clear from the onset that it was going to be intense.  Both teams brought a physical yet composed style of soccer to the match. Hyde midfielders Cole Faulkner`15 and Kiefer Cundy`15 did a nice job of moving the ball forward and maintaining possession.  This allowed forwardsWilson MacMillan`14 and Aidan Dorvee`15 to execute quality runs and create scoring opportunities.  For much of the first half of play both clubs had chances on goal, but none went in until Bridgton scored in the 39th minute to go into the break at half time up a goal.

The intensity  of the game only increased in the second half.  Determined not to be put under, the Phoenix rose to the challenge and kept up the pressure.  In the 60th minute Wilson MacMillan`14 broke free with the ball near the top of the box.  He scored on a beautiful shot to tie the game 1-1.  It didn’t stay knotted for long, Bridgton scored to go ahead 4 minutes later.  Again, the Phoenix kept working, showing grit and determination.  The defensive unit consisting of center back Andrew Davis`15, stopper Dow Drukker`15, left fullback Eric Stone`14, right fullback Zack Heatley`14 and keeper Noah Horning`15 doubled their efforts to keep the opponents lead from increasing further.  By moving the ball out to wingersBen Mooney`16 on the left and Wes Miller`14 on the right, the Phoenix made better use of the full width of the field.  In the 74th minute Hyde  worked the ball into the box and was weathering the onslaught of defenders from the opponent.  In the fracas, Kiefer Cundy`15 managed to poke the ball past the keeper to tie the game 2-2.  Both teams continued to work hard to break the deadlock, but time expired before either managed another goal.

This was a hard fought tie for the Hyde boys.  They really showed the character of their team in this one.  Playing from behind to tie it twice, against such a formidable foe, speaks to their belief in each other, and their individual and collective grit.  Our next match is Wednesday at home with Gould Academy.

Coach Smith