Fighting Wolfpack BVS Nailbiter vs. Williams

Hyde Boys Varsity Soccer 10/26

Hyde: 2

Williams: 3

Though the boys are disappointed with the result, Hyde is happy to have played an exciting 80 minutes that could have gone either way.  After going down 2-0, Johhny Schaer 14’ scored a convincing one-time finish off a cross from Fedja Djurisic 14’. Felipe Azevedo 14’ tied the game with a PK in the second half. The Wolfpack had some great chances late in the game, including a chipped shot from Anton Bockmeyer 14’ that hit the cross bar twice. In the back Ian Nugent 14’ made some goal-saving tackles, and Dawit Kiflemariam 14’ had a solid game at midfield. Hyde will keep fighting in its final week of play.


Coach Nowak