Phoenix GJVS Bows to Wolfpack, 0-3

Hyde Phoenix – 0

Hyde Wolf Pack – 3

On Saturday morning, Hyde Bath students from four teams traveled down to our sister school in Woodstock, Connecticut for a day of rivalry against the Wolfpack. As they set off towards the south, the Girls JV soccer team settled in for a long drive, anxiously awaiting their competition. Fans traveled from near and far to support our girls and you could feel the energy in the air as Coach Lobozzo read aloud an inspirational speech sent to the team by one of our most dedicated fans, Maryssa Hagget’s father, Mike Hagget.

Once the starting line-up was announced, the girls took their positions on the field and right off the starting whistle it was clear that the Lady Phoenix would certainly have to rise in order to keep the Wolves at bay. With the inspirational words from her father, Maryssa Hagget played the field well, distributing the ball and holding back the opposing offence. It wasn’t until half way through the first half that the Wolf Pack was able to score their first goal.

During the second half of the match it was clear that the game from the day before had taken a toll on our players. Struggling to find composure, our Lady Phoenix found strength from seniors Sydney LaCavallaSabrina Wang, and Elliana Goldberg. Other valiant performances came from freshman Cherri Weng and junior Gigi Chen who were able to play and finish with class despite a tough loss to the ferocious Wolf Pack.

Our Girls JV soccer team will have a long week of practice to prepare for their battle against Gould during Fall Family Weekend. They will do everything in their power to bring home one more win this season.