Fryeburg Academy Bests Hyde School, 0-2

It was a cool, foggy afternoon when the Phoenix took to the field to match up against the JV Fryeburg Academy soccer team.  A short warm-up gave the JV Hyde soccer squad a cold start to the game.  The play was back and forth for the first 20 minutes of the first half, until Fryeburg cracked the dead-lock off of a free kick from approximately 25 yards out.  A nicely crossed ball found the head of an un-marked Fryeburg player and was hit into the back of the net past keeper Aidan Bristow ’16.  A few minutes later, Fryeburg found themselves with a corner kick.  Again, some miss-communication by the Phoenix defense and the ball was trickling past the goal line.  Forwards Akim Sanni ’15 and Ben Fusco ’14  played well for the scrappy Phoenix squad in the first half.  These fellows chased down loose balls and were able to possess the ball in the offensive third of the field.  Their efforts were not quite enough to crack the Fryeburg defense.  Hyde trailed at the half 2-0.

The second half saw the JV squad come out with a little bit more energy, especially in the defensive third.  FreshmanAlec Chapman ’17 and junior Chris Lutts ’15 lead the defensive surge.  These two stopped many of the Fryeburg offensive threats and cleared the play up to their midfielders.  Play would continue back and forth for the majority of the second half, but neither team could break through the opposition’s defenses.  Hyde struggled to put together strong offensive attacks against the Fryeburg defense, but were also steady at the defensive end.  There were few attempts at net by either team in the second half.  The scoreboard would not be altered in the second half, and the game would end with the score Fryeburg 2 – Hyde 0.

The boys have a couple weeks off to recuperate and prepare for a match-up against their friendly rival Woodstock on the 19th.  The boys will refocus and work hard in the handful of practices, working on their physical performance as well as their mental game.