’72 Alumnus Steps in as Artist-in-Residence on the Bath Campus

Hyde-Bath announced the appointment of Jeffrey Jennings, a Belfast, Maine native, as the new Artist-in-Residence at the Bath campus. A 1972 graduate of Hyde, Jennings devotes his full-time effort to making art.

In his new role, Jennings will be working with students in grades 9-12 on Art electives including Basic Drawing, Intermediate Figure Drawing, and Honors Portfolio. He will also be working on his own paintings and incorporating his work into the course curriculum.

A graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland (BFA) and the University of New Orleans (MFA), Jennings has spent the last six years in Houston, Texas, where his work has been featured in several solo and group shows.  Prior to that, his home was New Orleans, where from 1991-2007, he taught at several secondary and higher education schools, including Loyola University.

A former cabinet maker and wooden ship builder, Jennings works primarily in wood, paper and metal, and his favorite mediums is a mixture of dry and powdered pigments with egg yolks and distilled water.

To view a collection of Jennings’ work, visit www.jeffreyjennings.com