Never Surrender: Heartbreaker for Phoenix Varsity Football vs. New Hampton, 31-42

Team:  Varsity Football
Date:   Oct 5, 2013

Score:  Hyde:  31
New Hampton: 42

“Never Surrender”

Saturday night under the lights, 1:35 seconds into the game, Husky lineman Matt Gilman scoops up a fumble and rambles in for the score.  The Hyde fans are barely in their seats.  Two plays later, Hyde is intercepted. One minute – 45 seconds, and four plays later New Hampton leads the Phoenix 12 – 0.  And then…Omar Harris ’14 intercepts the two point conversion pass and runs it back 100 yards for…2 points, 12 – 2, “…We shall fight on the beaches.”  All this at the 8:40 mark of the first quarter, then there is more.  The Huskies would punch it in two more times to end the first 12 minutes of play in control and on top:  New Hampton: 30 – Hyde: 2

 Five minutes in to the second quarter: a 68 yard TD run followed 3 minutes later by another 70 yard TD run by Husky running back Mathew Dean (8 carries for 192 yards and 3 TD’s).  The half ends.  The fans are silent:  “…We shall fight in the fields.”

New Hampton: 36 – Hyde: 2

At the 5:08 mark in the third period, Chris Collins ’14 (5 catches for 91 yards) intercepts an errant pass and rumbles 34 yards for the score.  He then adds the two point conversion, “…and in the streets.”

New Hampton: 36 – Hyde: 10.

Four minutes later, New Hamptons’ Michael Donnelly returns the favor as he intercepts and then sprints 41 yards for the seventh (and last Husky) TD of the game.

New Hampton: 42 – Hyde: 10.

The fourth quarter opened with Hyde driving 61 yards, capped with a Jared Jensen ’14 (13 carries for 102 yards and 8 tackles) 15 yard TD run.

New Hampton: 42 – Hyde: 16.

A tough defensive lead by Caleb Jones ’14 (8 tackles), Jack Howarth ’14 (6 tackles), Sean Smerczynski ’14 (5 tackles and Sam Zanta ’15 (4 tackles) stand gives the Phoenix the ball as Evander Lenardson ’14 (6 completions for 175 yards) hits Joe Stanchina ’14 for an 84 yard TD pass

“…We shall fight in the hills.”

New Hampton: 42 – Hyde: 24.

With 5 seconds to go in the game: Lenardson punches in from 8 yards and Deker Adelman adds the extra point.   New Hampton: 42 – Hyde: 31.

The Phoenix do an on-sides kick-off, “…We shall never surrender.”

Coach Romac

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Saturday  Oct 12  AWAY vs. DEXTER SCHOOL  2:00 PM   (Brookline, MA)