Phoenix BVS Battles Berwick to Scoreless Tie, 0-0

Hyde School                       0
Berwick Academy            0


Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to South Berwick Maine to play Berwick Academy yesterday.  The match was played under clear skies and warm temperatures on a natural grass pitch.

From the first whistle, both teams played a nicely composed style of soccer, passing and moving the ball well through the back and the midfield.  Much of the game was played in the middle ground between the boxes due to the strong defensive play by both teams.   Hyde’s defensive unit consisting of centerback Andrew Davis`15, stopper Dow Drukker`15, and fullbacks, Zack Heatley`14 and Eric Stone`15 worked well as a team within a team.  Their communication and dogged play allowed for very few chances on goal for the opposition.  That is not to say that keeper Noah Horning`15 wasn’t tested.  He was, and came up big.  He made some great saves on their corner kicks and free kicks.  In addition, he did a fine job of distributing the ball to the weak side to allow for quick and effective transitions from defensive to offensive play.

Kiefer Cundy`15 was once again solid at center-mid.  He kept his composure under pressure and his grit provided inspiration for his team mates to follow when feeling fatigued or frustrated.   Wilson MacMillan`14 played well at both striker and center-mid.  His aggressive play, and his increasingly good vision for the field, helped create many scoring opportunities for Hyde.  Cole Faulkner`14 was also asked to play two different positions on the pitch.  He spent much of the game as a winger, but was called to play center-mid whenMacMillan`14 was moved to striker.  He handled the transition with aplomb and was an asset to his team.  Other notable play came fromAidan Dorvee`15 at striker and Wes Miller`14 at right wing.  Dorvee`15  was tireless in his pursuit of the ball, frustrating Berwick’s defensive players by stretching the field as deep as possible and constantly pressuring the ball when they were trying to play it out of the back.  Miller`14 contributed by doing a good job of possessing the ball down the wing and making some quality crosses in to strikersFrederik Lasson`15 and Aidan Dorvee`15.

Berwick was a skilled team and it took the tenacity and composure of the entire team for the entire 90 minutes of play to achieve the resulting tie score.  Supporting players; Wyatt Lichtenger`14Elliot Wang`14 and Chris Baldwin`16,  who substituted into various positions at key times, also contributed greatly.  The boys played their best soccer of the season during this match.  They showed grit, poise and commendable sportsmanship.  They supported each other on the field and played as a unit.  Of course, a win would have been a more favorable result, but it didn’t go that way this time.  Our next contest is tomorrow at Hebron Academy.

Coach Smith