Fighting Phoenix GVS Bows to Gould, 0-3




 September 29, 2013

Hyde – 0

Gould Academy – 3

After a tough loss to Kents Hill the Wednesday prior, the Phoenix travelled north to face Gould Academy.  It was the first time the two teams had met since the MAISAD finals the previous year.  The fourth overtime loss was still bitter in the Hyde team’s memory and they hoped it would fuel the intensity they needed for a win.  The first half was an even battle as the Phoenix put together one of their best efforts of the season.  Marking backs Emma Leonard ’14 and Ferina Li ’14 played incredibly well shutting down the flanks while a re-assigned Jill Tolman ’16 shut down several of their best strikers.  Cailin Darling ’14 contributed to the solid defense as well as Julia Jackson ’14 in her new role as sweeper.  Hyde once again shuffled its formation seeing stand out performances from Avery Booth ’15 at striker and Carolyn Moore ’14 who returned to midfield.

After a scoreless first half, the Gould team increased the pressure and was able to find holes in the Phoenix defense.  The Hyde girls didn’t give up and kept fighting to the final whistle.  It was a bright moment for the team and a welcomed return to the soccer they played in their season opener against Tilton.

Quick stats:

Hyde – shots: 1, corner kicks: 1, saves: 6, fouls: 3, offsides: 1

Gould Academy – shots: 13, corner kicks: 3, saves: 0, fouls: 4, offsides: 0