News from the south: CFLA begins its third year of operation

The Central Florida Leadership Academy, a Hyde School-affiliated charter school in Orlando, Florida, kicked off its fourth year of operation with 175 students in grades 6-10,  as it expands by adding one grade each year until ultimately serving grades 6-12.

Disco groups started with a great team-building activity, getting all the members through a small band in the least possible time. The teams had ten minutes to practice and then put their skills to work. The winning team (girls rock!) went through in an average time of .69 seconds.  The teams then debriefed about what they had learned about courage and leadership. It was a great team building exercise and a good introduction to several key Hyde concepts.

Central Florida Leadership Academy Sept 2013

CFLA also kicked off its Fall sports season, with high school swimmers scoring a first in two events in their first meet and setting four school records. The middle school boys soccer team also opened with two 3-0 shut-out victories against schools that are ten times the size of CFLA.

Central Florida Leadership Academy Sept 2013

Finally, CFLA had its first graduate – faculty member Andy Wimmer, who has been with CFLA since its first year of operation, moved on to join the staff at the Hyde Bath campus. We are all looking forward to visiting Andy in Maine!