Girls Varsity Soccer vs Wheeler

Girls Varsity Soccer vs Wheeler
Hyde: 0
Wheeler: 7

Wednesday Hyde ventured off to Rhode Island to play against Wheeler. After the first half the scoreboard read 0-5. During halftime the team was able to regroup and thanks to strong leadership shown by Grace Briggs ’14 and other fellow seniors, Hyde was able to get back up and continue to work hard during the second half.

Although we put our best efforts forward our Varsity Girls failed to defeat the tough competition. This lead the game to end in 7-0, however the score does not reflect the effort put in by Hyde Wolfpack. The defense was constantly being challenged by greater ball skill and control. However with the hustle from Jenna Dubinsky ’13 Carlye Marota ’13 and Jessie Schwartz ’13, they were able to hold Wheelers strong offense at bay. In goal we had our strong goal keeper Hui-Ling Seow ’15, was able to fend off fast attempts at goal. SophomoreLeah Taylor 16’ held a strong mid field position working hard to get the ball up the field. Her consistency of aggression helped to support the defense.

We hope to match their control and fast footwork in our next match against them.

Coach Chipley