Phoenix GVS Trails Berwick, 0-5


 September 21, 2013

Hyde – 0

Berwick Academy – 5

With less than twenty four hours to recover from a tough game against Canadian opponents Rothesay-Netherwood, the Hyde girls found themselves facing Berwick Academy.  Having closed to a scoreless draw at the Berwick Jamboree, the team entered the contest anticipating a good match.  Unfortunately, the Phoenix were on their heels for most of the 80 minutes of play.  Perhaps due to fitness they were not able to run with the host team Berwick and played an almost exclusively defensive game.  By the end of the first half the team was down 4-0.

Similar to the day before, the team improved during the second half and held Berwick to a single goal.  The defense was re-shuffled and anchored solidly with Julia Jackson ’14 and Carolyn Moore ’14Jill Tolman ’16 and Kelsey Talbutt ’16 held the midfield and did a great job adjusting to new positions.  The team continues to seek its rhythm as they face their first MAISAD opponent at home against Kents Hill.

Coach Newberg

Quick stats:

Hyde – shots: 0, corner kicks: 0, saves: 6, fouls: 2, offsides: 0

Berwick Academy – shots: 11, corner kicks: 14, saves: 0, fouls: 7, offsides: 0