Boys JV Soccer vs. Kent’s Hill

Boys JV Soccer vs. Kent’s Hill

Hyde: 0
Kent’s Hill: 5

It was a cool, cloudy day at Kent’s Hill School when the Phoenix of Hyde took to the pitch to take on the Huskies.  The JV squad came out slow and timid in the first 20 minutes of the game.  Kent’s Hill took advantage of Hyde’s slow start, putting 2 in the back of the net early.  Hyde turned it around when sophomore EvansKegame made some fantastic offensive runs from the left fullback position.  Kegame ’16 was making threatening plays with the newest member of the team, Akim Sanni ’15, at the forward position and together they put some shots on the KHS keeper.  A miscommunication later in the first half allowed the Huskies’ striker to hit a cross to his teammate and place a nice shot past the defense.  Hyde trailed Kent’s Hill 3-0 at the half.

The Phoenix came out hot in the start of the second half with high energy and aggressive play.  Michael Friedman ’16 swung from forward to the backfield to help out the Hyde defense when a few players got banged up.  Friedman and freshman Evan Davis gave their all at the defense positions throughout the second half. Davis ’17 was eager to fill any role on the field and when called upon always replied “Where am I going, coach?” and then a loud “Yes, coach!”  Junior James Lee played some of the best soccer of the day.  Lee ’15 could be found at the attacking position, running up and down at midfield, or stopping Huskies in the backfield.  Kent’s Hill would eventually knock in two more goals in the second half.

The JV boys are still looking for a way to have high energy from the start to finish of a contest.  The final score would favor Kent’s Hill 5-0 over Hyde.  The team will now turn their focus to their full schedule is week.  Hebron Academy on Wednesday and Gould Academy on Saturday give the JV boys a short practice week, but two more chances to show their improvements.

Coach Dreimiller