Phoenix Girls JV Soccer Defeats Hebron Lumberjacks, 5-1

Hyde Bath Girls JV Soccer vs Hebron

Hyde Lady Phoenix – 5
Hebron Lumberjacks -1

The Lady Phoenix hosted their first competition this past Wednesday afternoon on their home turf.  The defense of their territory was truly impressive and gave them a significant sense of pride and excitement for the upcoming 2013 season.   The game began with a quick goal from Hebron within the first 5 minutes of play as Hyde struggled to get their feet on the ground and form a strong defensive unit.  However, the dynamic quickly changed and a sense of synergy and collaboration was found amongst the girls for the remainder of the first half.  Rachel Wikman ’17, was the catalyst of a strong pushback from the midfield and offense as she marked a well-placed ball into the back of the net at the 20 minute mark.  This gave Hyde the confidence they need in order to firmly retaliate against their opponent with another goal made by Susanna McMannus ’14, which was the result of speed and impressive footwork maneuvering through the 18.

The second half was complete with  a constant defensive hustle made by defenders Ferina Li ’14, Gigi Chen ’15, and freshman Cherry Wang ’17, as well as a cohesive midfield ensuring the ball remained in the offensive half.  Captain Lutes Bartlett ’16, played what is arguably the toughest position of center midfielder and did a remarkable job of distributing the ball and acting as a vital pivot point.  Shout outs also go to Diamond Brown ’16, for sacrificing her body and making a great diving save, as well as an all-around solid performance in the net. Allison Grover ’17 contributed her own two cents to the game, making two break-away goals that both demonstrated a true showing of poise and athleticism.  Last but not least, Sydney LaCavalla ’14, made her contribution within 60 seconds of being substituted into play off a corner kick from Bartlett.


Great game girls! Be on the lookout  for the Hyde GJVS team at Berwick this Saturday 9/21 at 11:00 am.