Phoenix off to the Races! Hyde runs “Strive for Five 5k”

Hyde gets out to the front in the Strive for Five 5k.

South Portland- The Hyde Phoenix Cross Country team opened our season in a promising fashion.

Attending the “Strive for Five 5k” in South Portland, we placed 5 runners in the top 11 slots.

Postgraduate Isaac Preston, with an early season scorching time of 17:17, finished first overall, setting a new course record.

Warsame Mohamed ’14, making his debut as a cross country runner, ran a surprising 3rd place out of 138  finishing runners.

This was a great start for us! Preston’s run was phenomenal! The coaches and members of the team were so excited for him. You can run your whole life and never finish first in a race.

Isaac Preston turns the final corner as he sets a new course record.


Race proceeds went to the Strive Program of PSL Services, dedicated to helping young adults with disabilities. The race began on 28 Foden Road in South Portland. The Phoenix got out to their traditional fast start. The course extended through the parking lot of Texas Instruments and proceeded out to the airport before looping back.Richard Liu ’14 had his best race of his career, finishing 7th overall and in front of teammate Griffin Palola ’14 who placed 8th. “I was really excited” said the smiling Liu.  Tenzin Crane ’15 was the 5th Hyde Runner to cross the finish line.  He finished in 11th place.


Richard Liu and Griffin Palola of the Phoenix Pack.
Richard Liu and Griffin Palola of the Phoenix Pack.

Varsity newcomers, Alex Greenberg ’15, Jamie Lynch ’15 and Matt Lupovich ‘14 were absent. Luis Liu ’16 ran a time of 20:39 and Ross Ji ’16 finished a second later.

For the Girls,

Wang Xi ’14 ran a PR (Personal Record) time of 21:52 and finished first in her age group. She was a minute behind running partner Coach Atwood.

Julie Boutboul completed her first 5k in a time of 30:23.

Awaiting awards, the team participated in the neighborhood festival after the race. Miss Teen Maine and mascot Crusher from the Maine Red Claws were in attendance.

The opening conference cross country meet is Saturday, September 21st at Gould Academy in Bethel. All MAISAD schools are scheduled to attend.

Coach Rowe