Bath Weekly, Sept 7-Sept 13, 2013

September 7-September 13, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from the Hyde-Bath campus, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and moments of joy. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde Bath parents and the larger community into the school culture.

Hyde School Meeting

The all-school meeting once a week has been a Hyde tradition since the school’s founding. It is a time when the community comes together to talk about school and world issues, share our thoughts and feelings, and work on the school culture. Our first school meeting this year was all about getting to know each other. Several folks talked about defining moments in their lives and then received feedback. The following students and faculty member talked about some of the triumphs and struggles in their lives:

  • Malcolm Gauld – Shared the feeling of struggling in middle school and then becoming a serious student and athlete
  • Eliana Goldberg’13 – Shared about the importance of music in her life
  • Omar Harris ’13 – Talked about the influence of his uncle in his life and the lessons he learned from football
  • Susannah McManus ’13 said to Malcolm Gauld, “Thanks for sharing your life story. It inspires me and reminds to go after my dream of a top college even if it will be a challenge.”

The school then had a short mingle where we asked questions about our hometowns and families so that we could start to learn more about each other. All in all, a great start to the year. As someone in the room said, “We are in the honeymoon phase where we really like each other, but it will hit that we are really married to each other!”

Sit Down Discovery Group Lunch

 Meal time at Hyde can be a chaotic but special time in the Hyde day, especially at lunch time.  Students are streaming out of their morning classes, joined by faculty and staff, and everyone is looking to enjoy John Brawn’s delicious food along with seeing friends and relaxing.  In years past, we have typically had one or two lunches per week where we sat with our Discovery Group.   These have been great opportunities to check in with each other, share a laugh, and build deeper relationships. This year Head of School Laura Gauld added a twist.  Each Tuesday not only are we sitting with our Discovery Group but instead of going through the kitchen line or waiting at the Panini station, we are being served buffet style by Hyde administrators and staff.  Assistant Head of School Rich Truluck provides us with a discussion question and we practice our etiquette (stand until everyone enters the room) along with using our intellect.

Administrative Assistant Rachel Bryan shared, ‟This was a great experience to show the students that we all (faculty/staff/students) give back to the Hyde community in many different ways. The students found humor in seeing us in hair nets and gloves, but it was a great opportunity to show the students that there is no job too small.”   Longtime Faculty and Senior Curriculum Advisor Paul Hurd commented, “I have always especially enjoyed two aspects of Hyde: serving with purpose and the strong camaraderie. Today working as a server in the lunch line allowed me to feel both.”

While we still need to tweak the system to make sure kitchen jobs get done and the students have enough time for seconds, this has become a great opportunity to slow down and connect with each other!

Week #1 of Fall Athletics

 With the cooling temperatures, waning daylight hours, and the smell of crisp leaves in the air, it is all too evident that fall is indeed upon us.  Each Phoenix team has endured preseason and some have even faced their first opponents.

The Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team had their home opener on Friday, September 6, against the local Chop Point School from Woolwich, Maine.  Although the contest started off rocky for the Phoenix, who were down 8-1 at half time, the boys returned to the field with a determination and battled back to close the score to 8-4.  The head of school even recognized the team’s will and perseverance in our morning meeting on Monday.  Coach Mike Dreimiller offered highlights from Friday’s game: ‟David Wu ’15 and Max Kaplan ’15 ran the central midfield positions for most of the game, each scoring a goal.  Ben Mooney ’16 had a pair of goals, one in each half of the game.  Ben Fusco ’14 and Ben Klebe ’14 held down the defensive backfield.”

Both the Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer teams traveled to Berwick Academy for the annual Berwick Jamboree.  Each team competed against Tilton Academy, Winchendon School, and host Berwick Academy for 44 minute contests.

The Girls Varsity team walked away with two ties and a loss.  Although the Lady Phoenix were unable to put a goal away before the day’s end, and unfortunately suffered 5 against, the team showed grit and determination.   Some of these girls included Carolyn Moore ’14Julia Jackson ’14Cailin Darling ’14, and Emma Leonard ’14.  Two outstanding players of the game included Sonya Kobayashi ’14, a new defender to the team who played with tremendous heart, and goal keeper Hope Stinson ’14 who made critical saves throughout the day.  Coach Matt Newberg writes that, ‟Overall, it was a solid day and a great way to gauge where focus needs to be put during practices.”

The Boys Varsity Phoenix won two matches, tied the other, put away 3 goals, and only had one goal against for the day.  Goals were scored by Wilson MacMillan ’14Kiefer Cundy ’15, and Cole Faulkner ’15.  Other notable performances included Andrew Davis ’15 on defense, Noah Horning ’15 as goal keeper, and Wes Miller ’14 who assisted Faulkner’s goal with a beautiful cross from the outside.  Coach Randy Smith contributed, ‟On the whole, it was a good day of soccer for the Hyde squad.  They scored 3 goals on the attacking side of things, and gave up only 1 goal defensively.  They showed poise and determination and represented their school well with good sportsmanship – a solid start.  The next contest will be Friday against Putnam Science Academy on the turf field at our sister school in Woodstock, Connecticut.”

Both the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Football teams traveled to face fellow MAISAD opponent Kents Hill for a friendly scrimmage.  Both Varsity teams played 20 plays of offense and defense and Junior Varsity each played 10 plays, in order to put their first week’s work of practice to the test.  A number of players stepped off the bus and onto the field ready to debut their skills.  Coach Richard Polgar shared, ‟Bryan Wang ’15 recovered a fumble.  Jared Jensen ’14 scored on a 50- yard pass from Evander. Caleb Jones ’14 and Jared Jensen had several tough runs behind a strong performance by the offensive line and Omar Harris ’14 made several nice tackles on defense.”

Visit // for schedules and score updates.  Good luck to all teams competing this week!

 International Student Orientation

 Last Saturday, the international community kicked off the weekend with workshops to help familiarize first-year new students from abroad to transition to lives at Hyde-Bath. Over the course of the morning, the workshops covered discussions on academics, athletics, and logistics as foreign students living in the U.S. as well as residential life and the Hyde Culture. College Admissions team Beverly Coleman and Lisa Geller presented the full scope of what it takes to go to a good college. Many of the students realized that GPA and grades are not the only factors.  Allan Wu ’14 from Taiwan said, ‟It was very helpful to know the different parts of the college process.”  During the athletics session, student leaders shared their perspectives on sports and how they felt when they first got to Hyde where everyone is challenged to be a three-season athlete. In addition, the students were given scenarios to act out in front of the class.  One of our faculty members on the International Student team, Michael Dreimiller, wrote, ‟Scenarios included bullying, problems with roommates, and how to use Brother’s Keeper among peers even off campus.  The students really jumped into their roles as students, seniors, and faculty in each scenario.”  The half-day orientation concluded with graduation speeches from two of the most recent graduates: Austin Wang and Sam Mann. Quoting Steven Covey, “Start with an end in mind,” the students appreciated seeing the final product of Hyde journeys. The international community looks forward to continuing these discussions over this year.


 On Thursday, September 5, Performing Arts auditions began with the faculty and seniors each doing their minute-long songs in front of the entire school. The Hyde tradition of school-wide auditions began back in the mid-seventies. It sprung from the recognition of a performing arts performance as a confidence builder for everyone. By 1978, every student in the school was performing in a student-faculty guided show and there was the need to begin a system of auditions. The use of auditions soon became not only useful to the performing arts, but also a great way to establish the momentum and spirit of starting the school year.

Our recent auditions found many teachers and seniors memorizing lyrics and warming up the old vocal chords. A few offered the following comments about the audition experience: Alec Chapman ’17 writes that “I was proud that I did it. I thought I was going to chicken out, but when I got up there I just did it.” Afterwards I was shaking, and it took me until sports block to recover.” Aidan Bristow ’16 believes that his second audition went much better than his first, but English faculty member Hillary Kidwell said, “They say it gets easier. It’s been nine years, and they’ve never gotten easier.” Eliana Goldberg ‘14 says that “I was really excited to audition. I liked the fact that seniors and faculty have to do it in front of everyone but the underclassmen don’t have to because it isn’t as stressful.”

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