Hyde School Visits China: Day One in Beijing

Hyde School at the CCTV Headquarters in China
The Hyde School China team visits the CCTV Headquarters in China

By Laura Gauld, Head of School and Executive Director, Boarding Schools

June 7, 2013 — The team, Bob Felt, Claire Grant, Fan Luo, Tracey Shih and Laura Gauld, all landed feeling tired but ready to hit the ground running. We were picked up by the Wang family who have two students at Hyde, one on each campus. The parents took us out to a traditional meal and we all managed to keep our eyes open.

On Friday, the group had a full day with a visit to the CCTV building where Tiffany Baba is a Managing Director of the largest TV station in Beijing. The distinctive building was impressive and we stood on a glass floor 38 floors up. Everyone was able to stand on the glass with the exception of team member Claire who has issues with heights!

After visiting an agent in the afternoon, we had a very successful admissions event at the hotel Friday night. There were almost 40 people in the room which included current students, prospective families and agents. The Hyde students were Gigi, Frank, Tiffany, Lily, Naiwen. During the presentation, we asked the students to stand up and talk about various aspects of the program. They rose to the occasion and wowed the crowd. Frank talked about the concept of “leadership” and said,

At Hyde we talk about five words and principles which are all about helping us. I knew all the concepts but really struggled with leadership. I did not know how to be a leader and we are not taught that in our school system. My basketball coach challenged me to be a leader whether I am a strong or weak athlete.”

At the end of the presentation, we showed the videos of the recent graduates and some of their speeches. Then, we met with prospective students and their families. The students again were great role models and clearly elevated their own leadership. One American agent who has lived in Beijing for 12 years said at the end,

I have never seen a presentation where the students were the focus. I can see that this is unique and I am glad that I came. I didn’t understand Hyde, but now have a better idea.”

Onto the family FLC tomorrow.