Hyde Weekly: May 4 – May 10, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.



The Class of 2014 Takes Charge

A group of rising seniors took the opportunity to facilitate this week’s school meeting.  With the faculty and seniors engaged in evaluation meetings Thursday afternoon, the underclassmen gathered to discuss their understanding of Brother’s Keeper and to begin to establish the foundation for next year’s student culture.  Faculty member Jen Morse was in attendance at the meeting and wrote:

“Leading the charge of the meeting were juniors Carolyn Moore, Hope Stinson, Wilson MacMillan, Omar Harris, and Olivia Griffing. Juniors Jack Howarth and Moustapha Niang also shared their life stories. In keeping with the theme of Brother’s Keeper, part of the meeting focused on feedback for all the juniors in a “hot-seat” activity. During the debrief, a strong majority of the junior class touched upon steps they need to take as they move into their senior year. The synergy that the junior class displayed during the meeting spoke to their potential to be strong senior leaders in the upcoming year. To wrap up, the junior leaders posed the expectation that students will continue the conversations initiated during the meeting with their Discovery Group with the overall aim to reach a strong level of Brother’s Keeper in our community.”


Discovery Group Fun

With the number of Discovery Group meetings dwindling for the year, this week’s DG time was spent less on seminaring and more on celebrating the relationships and friendships developed during the year.  A number of Discovery Groups enjoyed food and fun which is always a winning combination in the student’s eyes:

From the Plourde/Liu Discovery Group:  “Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and Bath’s historic downtown area, we took a scenic stroll to Café Crème. Amidst iced coffee and scones, we talked about summer plans. It was a moment to slow down and reflect on the year that has passed, as well as help each other towards a productive future.”

From the Kidwell  Discovery Groups:  “Our groups came over to our house for a cookout – nothing special there, but freshman Chloe Blaylock’s mom Tammy sent a “graduation party in a box” for my seniors, which we shared with both group’s seniors. It was a really thoughtful gesture!

From the Sataloff Discovery Group:  “Wednesday was a perfect day for some fun in the sun!  Our Discovery Group worked up an appetite by trekking down to Dot’s Ice Cream Shop and we enjoyed each other’s company over a cold treat.” 

From the Moore Discovery Group:  “We had a great afternoon of fun – and some unexpected discoveries!  We walked into town on Wednesday to eat at a local café.  Next, we made our way to the river and discovered a group of volunteers who are building a replica of Maine’s first ship, The Virginia.  The kind volunteers asked if we would like to come help build the ship.   We all were excited to see this undiscovered treasure in Bath.   We hope to have some Hyde kids involved in helping to build this historic ship in the near future!” 

From the Foye/Wilkey and Rosette/Polgar Discovery Groups:   “On Thursday,  we joined forces and experienced what locals refer to as the true sign of Summer,  Danny’s Hot Dogs in Brunswick, ME.  Sitting on park benches relaxed and laughing, we dined on the finest hot dogs and hamburgers of the mid-coast area, while enjoying one of the areas greatest summer traditions: talking with friends and watching the world go by.” 

The Grant/Dreimiller Discovery Group:  “We walked to downtown Bath for some ice-cream from Dot’s Ice Cream Shop.  After grabbing some tasty treats, the group headed to a small sitting area along the Kennebec River to sit and reflect on the year, as well as talk about their upcoming summer plans.  It was a great moment to un-wind and relax, with the bonus of some cold delicacies on a warm Maine day.  Talks included summer sports clubs, working to earn some extra spending money, and eagerness to begin Summer Challenge.”

Having frequented the city of Bath on many occasions, the Dorian Discovery Group decided to take a road trip.  Donning sunglasses, collared shirts and khaki shorts the students took advantage of the sunny 70 degree weather.  Miss Dorian led a sing-along of Journey’s Small Town Girl en route to the surprise destination: Fat Boy’s Restaurant.  Located at 111 Bath Road in Brunswick, the sock hop drive-in was complete with hustling waitresses, old style booths and Elvis.  Devouring cheeseburgers, fries and inch-thick frappes, the group reminisced about the past year.


Grandparents Day

image002Thirty-six grandparents visited campus Friday to spend time with their grandchildren.  After a brief welcome from Hyde’s founder and current grandparent Joe Gauld, the students and grandparents attended a class together followed by the opportunity to pose for a family portrait.  The remainder of the day included a luncheon in the Family Renewal Center, a campus tour, and a group conversation about the importance of family and the role grandparents play in our families.  During the morning meeting, a grandparent commented, “When I was a teenager – some 200 years ago – I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  It’s great that Hyde as a school focuses on who a person is rather than their aptitude.”  A current Hyde student shared, “I’m excited my grandfather is coming today so I can get to know more about him and his life experiences.

Senior Evaluations

The seniors and faculty had a series of meetings this week to continue the evaluation process that ends with graduation.  On Tuesday, seniors shared their self-evaluation which was followed by a vote from the senior class and faculty regarding their designation.  On Thursday and Friday, the class split in half with the faculty to further discuss their self-evaluation and to receive feedback and observations from peers and mentors.  It is inspiring to watch and hear the seniors develop more trust in their own consciences and their classmate’s consciences as they take a deep and personal look at themselves.  While some of the comments are difficult for them to hear, the seniors invariably end each evaluation meeting by saying “thank you” for the insights and honesty.

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Power Lunch
image004Each year, the female seniors, faculty and staff have an annual luncheon to celebrate the seniors and their accomplishments. During the event, the faculty and staff shared their life lessons and wisdom accrued. Some of the pearls of wisdom included:

  • Take advantage of all your opportunities.
  • Speak up. The world needs your voice.
  • Own your future and do not give it to anyone.
  • Learn about finances.
  • Never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note.
  • Stay connected to those people who care about your best self.


The seniors then shared what they learned at the luncheon.

I learned to put myself out there and stay in the game.”

“I was reminded to be aware of what I post on the internet.”

“It was helpful to hear the successes and the failures that are learning opportunities.”

Strong Season for Tennis

Hyde’s co-ed varsity tennis team has won four of its last five contests to even the season record at 4-4. Riding the stellar leadership of Scott Leonard ’14 and the consistent play of John Schaer ’14, the team has begun to hit its stride. The students have adjusted to the rigor of 5:30 AM practices and learned how to support one another in an individual sport. A family weekend victory over sister school Hyde-Bath also helped build the team’s confidence and establish a reliable lineup.  Matt Marshall ’14 has held onto the first singles spot, taking on the toughest challenger in each match.  Zheng Jun “Kevin” Ge ’15 has earned a singles spot with his improved focus and effort. The tandem of Yichaun “Clement” Hong ’16 and Yuyang “Aaron” Cao ’16 has also rolled off several impressive victories in the third doubles slot. With only a few matches left in league play before the close of the season, the team looks forward to continued improvement and success.  Coach Dan Osar commented, “I am proud of these students and have enjoyed seeing their growth each week.”

Grandparents Day

On Friday, almost 40 grandparents graced the Woodstock campus and inspired the entire community with their presence and character. The day started out with a talk by the Head of School. Grandchildren took their grandparents to some classes as well as participated in some family program exercises.  At a wonderful lunch provided by Chef Mo and her team, faculty shared highlights of the year with their students.  In the afternoon, the school meeting featured the grandparents, as students asked them to share their defining moments of character development with the community.

At the end of the day, each grandparent was read a statement by their grandchild about what they had given them and they all received a Hyde diploma.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and a powerful reminder of the importance of grandparents in the Hyde education. Much of the reason parents are attracted to the principles of Hyde stem from their own family of origin and we saw the seeds of that excellence this week.

Some student comments included:

Today, I learned a lot about my grandmother that I didn’t know. We became closer as a result.”  Sam Valentine ’13

My grandparents taught me the importance of having a deep faith and believing in something bigger than myself.”Nick Davis ’13

Today, I was inspired by my grandfather’s singing and I think I am going to get out of myself like he did today!” Doug Main ’15

My grandparents were not here today, but I learned that I need to appreciate them and spend as much time as I can.” Gaffney Tucker ’14

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