Bath: Lady Phoenix vs. Kents Hill in MAISAD Semifinals

Hyde Lady Phoenix-2

Kents Hill-11


The Hyde GLAX squad journeyed up north to the beautiful rolling landscape on which Kent’s Hill School resides for the MAISAD semifinals this past Wednesday afternoon.  Kent’s Hill has proven itself as a fierce competitor in the league throughout the season, and their performance during this particular game perpetuated their reputation.


The first half began with a unified and solid defensive unit stepping up to the onslaught of attacks being made by Kent’s Hill. Sonya Kobayashi and Chloe Blaylock both put their best foot forward, and stayed consistently aware and motivated throughout the game. On the offensive end, Susanna McManus netted a solid goal in the first half to get the ladies on the board. Unfortunately, the ref called a foul and said goal was later retracted. Half time ensued during which time the ladies deliberated and Coach Sanborn threw out a few necessary improvements to be made if they intended to rally back.


Carolyn Moore took up the challenge and began the second half with numerous quick and aggressive drives to the net, one of which led to a goal with just five minutes remaining.  Soon after, Julia Jackson fed a great pass to Allie Helfrich, who finished the play with a fantastically placed shot to the back of the net. 


Despite a trying game, the ladies demonstrated their poise and positive learning attitudes as always. Special shout out to the Seniors (Caroline Hammond, Claire Yin, Kara Fischer, Tia Bauer-Hummel and Erika Corley) as well as Coach Sanborn, who will all be moving on next year in pursuit of their ever so bright futures! You will all truly be missed.