Bath: Varsity Tennis vs. Hebron Academy

Hyde School                       2

Hebron Academy            3


                Hyde School Varsity Tennis traveled to Hebron Maine to play Hebron Academy yesterday.  The match was played outside under mostly sunny skies with intermittent northwest wind.


First Singles (win)

                Eduardo Gadsden           6              6

                Jeff Labbe                           3              0

Second Singles (win)      

              Wyatt Lichtenger               6              5              6

                Olivier Frenette                2              7              1

Third Singles (loss)

               Will Davis                              5              6                               

                Lorenzo Puopolo             7              7  Tie break(7-3)

1st Doubles (loss)

               Zach Leighninger, Nicky Li              4              4          

                Greg Labbe, Eli Ross                       6              6

2nd Doubles (loss)

                Elliot Wang, Karl Shen                    1              1                      

               Yannick Martel, Alex Guay           6              6


                Eduardo Gadsden`13 continued his winning ways, beating his opponent easily 6-3, 6-0.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 had an exciting match.  He played some of his best tennis of the season in the first set taking it easily 6-2.  However, he temporarily lost focus in the second set, allowing his opponent to come from behind to win the 7-5.  After a quick regroup between sets, he went back out and played much more offensively, shutting the door on his opponent 6-1 for the win.  Will Davis`13 found himself in an evenly matched battle at 3rd singles.  His match went the longest of any during the competition.  Many of the games went to deuce with long drawn-out rallies.  It looked like it might go to a tie-breaker in the first set, but his opponent won the set 7-5.   The second set was more of the same, long rallies and intense play.  In the end his opponent just edged him out winning the second set in a 7-3 tie breaker.  A tough loss, but Will’s best match of the season; he played with tenacity, sportsmanship and a competitive spirit that really challenged his opponent and represented his team well.  Zach Leighninger`13 and Nicky Li`13 lacked consistency during their match.  At times they developed synergy and dominated play, and at others they lacked focus and were plagued by unforced errors.  They won some games at the end of the first set, but were unable to sustain the momentum in the second set, getting behind early 0-3.  They started picking their way back, winning the next two games to bring it to 2-3, but lost the next game on serve to go down 4-2.  Hebron finished them off easily to win 6-4,6-2.  Elliot Wang`14 and Karl Shen`14 never really found their footing in their match at 2nd doubles, losing 6-1, 6-1.