Hyde Weekly: April 20 – April 26, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Family Weekend Begins

With the promise of sunny skies and warmer temperatures, everyone is looking forward to Spring Family Weekend. In addition to visiting classes, cheering on the athletic teams, and gathering for family seminars, the Spring Family Weekend is all about performing arts.  Sprinkled throughout the weekend are scheduled performances from the Songwriters workshop, the dance team, and recitations from individual students.  Saturday night will be a performance of the all school show, which is comprised of the We Have a Dreamperformance that has been on the road this year and new material that addresses human rights issues around the globe.

Local Art Gallery Features Hyde Students

image003New to Family Weekend this time is the exciting collaboration between Hyde-Bath students and the Centre St Arts Gallery in Bath.  For the weekend, the gallery is featuring a student art show, installed with the efforts of Hyde junior Alexy Billon.  Along with the art show, the gallery is hosting a reception on Saturday afternoon for the students and their families.  Students whose artwork is included in the show are Eduardo Gadsden ’13Yoomin Kong ’15Yi “Lawson” Lin ’15Alexy Billon ’14Moyano “Gigi” Chen ’15,Fangfei “Claire” Yin ’13Sam Mann ’13Tarrah Tibbetts ’13Zelin “Elliot” Wang ’14Julia Jackson ’15Jeans Jiaraksa ’16Xi Wang ’14Mady Preece ’13Erika Corley ’13Cailin Darling ’14, andXiaogang “David” Wu ’15.

Taking Hyde Home

Pam Hardy, Director of The Biggest Job, received this e-mail from a current parent.  It seemed appropriate to include it with families coming to campus this weekend:  “My 10 year old daughter and I were having a conversation. In the hopes of getting some of her brother’s negative attitudes addressed she asked if we were going to have a family meeting at dinner. She said, ‘Then, we can do that deck the halls thing’.  I’m sure she was thinking about clearing the decks.  Although I did not laugh out loud, I thought it was pretty funny. At least she recognizes that it is a time to express herself and be heard by all family members.”

Track Continues to Gain Momentum

Both the boys’ and girls’ track teams are quietly, yet consistently, readying themselves for their big meet next month, the New England Championships, which Hyde-Bath will be hosting.  They will be competing against some of the better and bigger public high schools in the area.  Head coach Ken Grant reports from the latest meet:  “The boys’ and girls’ track teams travelled to Sacopee Valley High School for competition against that school and Seacoast Christian School.  The Sacopee Valley boys’ team is the State of Maine defending class C champion.  Because we were participating in a public school meet, Hyde’s post-graduate scorers had to be taken out of the overall team scoring.  It was a cool but beautiful afternoon for track and field. I was pleased with our performance and competitive spirit.”

Girl’s Meet:  Sacopee – 65, Seacoast – 64, Hyde – 50

Katie Comeaux ’13 , not able to compete in her normal throwing events due to a shoulder strain, competed in the 1600m race walk (1stplace), the long jump (2nd place), and the 300m hurdles (2nd place). Mady Preece ’13 continued her fine season with victories in the 300m hurdles and 200m dash, and 2nd in the 100m hurdles.  Diamond Brown ’16 has a new PR of 80’ 7” in the discus as she took 2nd place. Heaven Redd ’16 grabbed third in the 200m dash and took fourth in the long jump.  Junior Hope Stinson took third in the 100m and fourth in the shot put.  Margot King ’16 and Tarrah Tibbetts ’13 took second and third respectively in the 1600m race walk.  Margot also took third in the 400m.  Eve Amato ’14 took second for us in the shot put with a season best throw of 28’ 4”.  Rounding out the individual scoring wasZiwei “Purple” Zhao `13 with a fourth place finish in the 400m.  The girls’ 4 x 100m relay team (Preece, Redd, Comeaux, Stinson) finished first in this relay.

Boys’ Meet:  Sacopee – 108, Hyde – 58, Seacoast – 35

The meet started off with the boys’ 4 x 800m relay team claiming victory and setting a new school record in the event of 9:01.3 (Mitchell, Wang, Williams).  This was followed by sophomore Jamie Lynch’s win in the 1600m race walk.  Wondo Shaw ’13 continued his excellent spring with a victory in the 400m and second place finishes in the long jump and 200m as well as a third place finish in the triple jump. Isaac Preston ’13 took second in both the 1600m and 3200m runs. Talin Rowe ’14 took 2nd in the 110m hurdles and 4th in both the pole vault and 100m dash.  Ou “Austin” Wang ’13 grabbed two 3rd place finishes in the 1600m and 3200m runs.  All in all, it was a great day with some wonderful performances.

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We are a Family

The school enjoyed a day off on Monday after an exciting jam-packed Spring Family Weekend.  Hyde’s Family Weekend provides a time to work on family growth, show the parents academic and athletic pride, as well as bring the whole school around a specific theme.  This past weekend, we discussed the role of conscience. It was noted that the new families jumped in with enthusiasm and the synergy between students, parents and faculty created a dynamic learning atmosphere.  As we say at Hyde, “The parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom.”  We brought in the major players and helped them to help their children discover their best.  All in all, an exhausting but exhilarating process!

Some of the comments from the students about what they learned included:

“I’ve been at Hyde for three years, and something I’ve learned is there’s always something to improve on.  If you start to think there’s nothing left to work on, well, that’s a good sign that you’ve got work to do.”

“I’ve learned something that I will never ever be taught at regular schools in China and that is selflessness and being willing to help. I am not saying that we don’t help others in China but we are taught to see schoolmates as rivals, people who we are competing with instead of friends.  Maybe it’s because of the huge population and intense competition; we prefer to work individually and to not share our resources.  Here at Hyde, I see people bringing positive energy to class every day and at seminars, people express their concerns and suggestions to each other honestly.” Jiahui “Chris” Xu

“I learned that my dad and I are very committed and we’re in it for each other.”

President’s Cup Decided

The Wolf Pack secured the President’s Cup, Hyde’s inter-campus year-long athletic competition, 16-8, with a strong Family Weekend athletic performance.  On Friday, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team began the momentum with a convincing 11-4 win over the Phoenix.  Then, on Saturday, the girls’ lacrosse team put together their best performance of the season to hold off the Phoenix 16-11, in what was an outstanding competitive game to watch.  Shortly after, the boys’ JV lacrosse team earned their first win of the season with an 8-4 win and finally, tennis edged out the Phoenix with a 4-3 victory which came down to the doubles matches.  We look forward to Baccalaureate when we will raise the cup on the Woodstock campus.  Thanks to our sister campus for a great year!

Hyde Lessons, Life Lessons

Richard Preece, a Hyde-Bath parent, and Pam Hardy, The Biggest Job Director, hosted the Hyde Leadership Society and interested students at a workshop on the Ten Priorities in business.   As Scott Leonard summarized, “It was cool to learn how the ten priorities apply in life and business.”  Mr. Preece related management stories to the predicaments students encounter when working with and relying on team members, such as when wing captains maintain standards in the dormitories.  Mr. Preece further described how successful work relationships rely on truth over harmony.  Moreover, senior Hannah Peters and Mr. Preece discussed how businesses increasingly utilize “horizontal” accountability to motivate excellence among work teams and that “Brother’s Keeper” is replacing “manager’s keeper” and command-control incentives in modern corporations.  It was a powerful reminder that the Hyde education focuses on principles that lead to success in personal and professional endeavors.

Mandatory Fun

Following Spring Family Weekend, a group of students cashed in on a mid-winter’s bargain.  Having pooled their funds in support of Habitat for Humanity, eleven students packed their bags and left for the overnight rental of the Rigney family home on Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Packed with food aplenty and tired from the Family Weekend, the group slept while en route and hit the beach when they arrived.  Graham Davidson ’13 took charge of the grill while others unloaded and made themselves at home.  The clear sky was lit by the moon and surprisingly, the Lyrid Meteor shower.  Set to hit peak meteor viewing at 4:00 AM, the students stayed up all night counting meteors.  They greeted the east coast’s first rays of sunshine on the beach.

Despite cool northerly breezes, and after a long morning sleep, Amelia Lyle ’14Sean Michael McCrystal ’13, and others ventured in for quick dips in the frigid ocean.  The group enjoyed good food, movies, polar dips, and some downtime with friends.  As students departed that afternoon, many referenced the experience as a highlight of their time at Hyde.  Students can support Habitat for Humanity next year through Hyde’s annual auction and by participating in the trip itself on spring break.

This group of eleven students included Graham Davison ’13, Michael Dore ’13, Alina Donnelly ’13, Julian Goldenberg ’13, Christien Kerdavid ’16, Amelia Lyle ’14, Sean Michael McCrystal ’13, Marcos Mercado ’14, Gregory Munetz ’13, Brendan Murray ’13, andThomas Nixon ’14.

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