Stellar Performance for Wolfpack Tennis vs. PSA

Hyde School Tennis traveled to Brooklyn, CT to have a rematch against Putnam Science Academy. After dominating the team a week prior, Hyde went in with confidence. Matt Marshall returned to his first singles position and earned his first win of the season, 6-2. Scott Leonard, Johnny Schaer, and Kevin Ge followed Marshall’s example by winning their matches 6-1, 6-0, and 6-3, respectively.

With the victory already in Hyde’s hands, the doubles teams took to the courts. As expected, the reliable combination of Tony Shao and Leo Cao won in a quick 6-2 set. Virginia Garrity and Richard Tang finished their match in the same fashion, 6-2. Making their first appearance of the season, Clement Hong and Aaron Cao had a great battle in the third doubles slot. Hong and Cao both earned their first varsity win, 6-3.

Coach Varney