04/22 – 04/28: David Wu

David Wu
David Wu

Athlete of the Week
April 22 – 28, 2013

Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse

Coach Romac writes: “Coach, I can play goalie.” That was his first statement to coach Romac upon David’s’ returned from vacation. Since then, and more importantly in the last two weeks, David has been a consistent bright spot in net for the struggling Future Varsity lacrosse team. He is the positive consistent force and presence on the practice field and between the pipes in games. In the five opening games, David has saved 116 shots on net, with a 72% save percentage, averaging over 23 saves a game. He has taken a few (thank you Mr. Rosette!) shots that have left nice circular black and blue marks; he never even said “ouch”. David has never complained, never missed a moment on the practice or game field. David has always fought and will never quit.

Congratulations to David Wu, the Future Varsity Brick Wall!