Bath: Varsity Tennis vs. Hyde School Woodstock

Hyde School Bath                             3

Hyde School Woodstock              4


                Hyde School Varsity Tennis traveled to Woodstock Connecticut on Saturday to compete with our sister school during their Spring Family Weekend.  The match was played outside under mostly sunny skies.  The format for all of the matches was a single eight game ’pro-set.’


First Singles (win)

                Eduardo Gadsden            8

                Matt Marshall                    0

Second Singles(win)      

                Wyatt Lichtenger             8

                Scott Leonard                    3

Third Singles(loss)

               Zach Leighninger               4                                           

                Johnny Schaer                   8

Fourth Singles(loss)

               Nicky Li                                  1

                Kevin Ge                             8                                           


1st Doubles(loss)

                Elliot Wang, Will Davis                    7                          

                Leo Cao, Tony Shao                         9

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Karl Shen, Katerina Ellison            2                                 

               Liam Gorey, James Howard         8

3rd Doubles(win)

                Ben Mooney, Richard Liu             9

                Nicky Gomez, Virginia Garrity     7


               Captain Eduardo Gadsden`13 continued his winning ways, beating his 1st singles counterpart easily in straight games.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 played well after adjusting to being outside.  He had many long rallies with his opponent, but won key points at key times to beat him 8-3.  Zach Leighninger`13 went up early on his opponent, but allowed him to pick his way back to even.  Momentum switched and he found himself on the losing side at 4-8.  Nicky Li`13 never really found his stride in this one and lost 1-8.  Elliot Wang`14 and Will Davis`13 were ahead in the early going of their match.  However, they lost focus midway through and allowed their Woodstock opponents to tie it up.  They regrouped and regained their composure, but were unable to pull out a win, losing 7-9.  Karl Shen`14 and Katerina Ellison`14 played a more evenly matched contest than the score might suggest, but ultimately fell 2-8.  Ben Mooney`16 and Richard Liu`14 played one of the more exciting matches of the day.  They were ahead early, but dropped a few consecutive games and went behind.  However, they stayed competitive and regained composure, slowly clawing their way back.  Down 5-7, and with the Woodstock team serving, they stayed strong and managed to break serve to bring the score to 6-7.  Ben Mooney`16 buckled down and held serve to tie it at 7-7.  Again the Phoenix prevailed and broke their serve to go ahead 8-7.  Richard Liu`13 served the next game to win the match 9-7.  Our next match is at home this coming weekend, Family Weekend, verses Gould Academy.