Wolfpack Tennis @ STM

The Hyde Tennis Team traveled to St. Thomas More in search for their first victory on Wednesday. The team was short a few starters, which gave players such as Richard Tang and James Howard their first chance to compete.

First singles, Scott Leonard had a hard fought match but ended with a loss, 6-8. Johnny Schaer came out with his first victory with a dominating final score of 8-1. Tony Shao and Leo Cao, normally doubles partners, both played singles. Shao won his match 8-4, while Cao lost a back-and-forth match 8-10.

As the match was tied 2-2, it came down to the doubles teams. Kevin Ge and Liam Gorey dominated their opponents with a quick 8-0 win. Joe Ma and Nicola Gomez were not able to seal the win for Hyde but instead lost 7-9. It came down to James Howard and Richard Tang. Their inexperience still managed to emerge victorious. Howard and Tang gave Hyde their final point, bringing the team their first win of the season.