Bath: Hyde Varsity Tennis vs. Hebron Academy

Hyde School                       1

Hebron Academy            4


                Hyde School Varsity Tennis opened the MAISAD league season yesterday against Hebron Academy.  The match was played at home inside the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center.

First Singles (win)

                Eduardo Gadsden           6              6

                Jeff Labbe                          0              2

Second Singles (loss)      

                Zach Leighninger              1              2

                Olivier Frenette               6              6

Third Singles (loss)

               Will Davis                              0              1                           

                Puopolo Lorenzo             6              6

1st Doubles (loss)

                Nicky Li, Elliot Wang                       2              3

                Alex Guay, Greg Labbe                6              6

2nd Doubles (loss)

                Katarina Ellison, Richard Liu          0              1           

               Yannick Martel, Zach Abisalih     6              6


                Eduardo Gadsden`13 played well against his opponent, beating him easily 6-0 6-2.   Zach Leighninger`13 played a long first set, with many games going to deuce.  However, he suffered from too many unforced errors at key times and lost the set 1-6.  He got behind quickly in the second, but temporarily shook off the nerves, and won a couple of games on serve midway through the set.  Unfortunately, it was too little, too late, and he fell 2-6.  Will Davis`13 made is singles debut against a very skilled player.  Unfortunately, he never found his stride and lost 0-6, 1-6.  Nicky Li`13 and Elliot Wang`14 played the most exciting match of the day.  Many games went to deuce and there were numerous long rallies.  Elliot was fierce at net, and Nicky hit a number of brilliant forehand winners in the alley.  They went up early in the second set, but their tenacious opponents picked their way back for the win.  Katarina Ellison`14 and Richard Liu`13 had difficulty countering the consistent serve of their 2nd doubles opponents.  They quickly found themselves in the hole, but played every point with determination.  Our next match is on Wednesday against Kents Hill School.