Bath: Hyde WVL vs. Waynflete 4/7

Waynflete – 14

Hyde – 4


The Hyde women hosted their 3rd competition of the 2013 season this past Friday, April 5th against Waynflete School.  It was a game that the squad had anticipated as being a challenge, and one that would require both a strong sense of physical skill and mental toughness.  It took the Lady Phoenix some time before they got their defensive legs set firmly beneath them, and the Flyers netted a swift three goals within the first five minutes of the half.  Susanna McManus quickly responded however, scoring her first goal of the season at the 18 minute mark. Julia Jackson also had an impactful role on the field, as she hustled and out-ran the competition on her pursuit of a goal at the 16 minute mark.  The Flyers proved their ability to attack both strategically, as well as aggressively, scoring a solid ten points within the first half. After discussing the importance of a cohesive defensive unit during halftime however, the Lady Phoenix’s managed to somewhat stifle the opposition and allow only 4 opposing goals into the net during the second half.   Caroline Moore was her usual consistent and impressive athletic self, scoring two goals in the latter half.  Waynflete proved itself to be one of the more competitive teams the ladies will face this season, but Hyde should be proud of their efforts and inspired to get back to work this coming Monday!