Bath: Hyde Varsity Tennis vs. Berwick Academy

Hyde School                       1

Berwick Academy            4


                Hyde School Varsity Tennis traveled to South Berwick Maine to play Berwick Academy yesterday.  The match was played inside.

First Singles (Loss)

                Eduardo Gadsden            3              2

                Chase Rosa                         6              6

Second Singles(win)      

                Wyatt Lichtenger             6              6

                Tristan Dardani                  4              4

Third Singles(loss)

               Zach Leighninger               4              0                             

                Jake Greenspan               6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

                Nicky Li, Will Davis                            5              2             

                Brendan Boyle, Justin Alvino     7              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Elliot Wang, Richard Liu                                  1              3

               Patrick Robb, Nathan Anderson                 6              6


                Eduardo Gadsden`13 played a much better match than the score suggests.  Match play consisted of big serves and winners from both opponents.   It was an exciting match to watch with a lot of fast paced rallies ending with winning shots by both players.  The Berwick player won big  points at key times and won the match as a result.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 won his match.  He started the first set in the hole 1-4, but settled in and took the next 5 games to win the set 6-4.  He started the second set up 4-2.  His opponent found his serve and started coming back, winning his service games.  Wyatt was not rattled and held serve to win 6-4.  Zach Leighninger`13 started his match ahead of his Berwick counterpart.  Unfortunately, he allowed the Berwick player to battle back to 4-4 in the first set.  The momentum switched, Zach lost his composure, resulting in his losing the remaining game and the match.  Nicky Li`13 and Will Davis`13  Started the first set up, but allowed their opponents to come back to make it 5-5.  Two quick games and they lost the first set 5-7.  They struggled to regain footing in the second and lost 2-6.  Elliot Wang`14 and Richard Liu`14 played some great games, going to deuce in a couple of them, but lacked the consistency to be competitive with the opponents they faced.  It was a good first match; exposing weaknesses that need addressing, and illuminating strengths that we can build on.