04/01 – 04/07: Kristina Mowry

Kristina Mowry
Kristina Mowry

Athlete of the Week
April 1 – 7, 2-13

Girls Lacrosse

Spring kicks off with an inspiring “lead by example” athlete. While not the shining star, Kristina has shown her commitment to the team and Hyde Athletics. Coach Sanborn writes, “Kristina Mowry has started out the women’s lacrosse season strong. She made the commitment to return early for preseason, and since then has been a consistent player on the field. She stays very positive throughout practice, motivating her teammates to work hard.  She has been open to learning new skills and has been very willing to teach skills she has already mastered to newer players. We are looking forward to a great season for Tina and the rest of the women’s lacrosse program.”