Hyde Principles in Action on the Court

Girls Varsity Basketball Team 2013

This Week’s Principle: Brother’s Keeper: We help others achieve their best.

Destiny, Humility, Conscience, Truth, Brother’s Keeper. Along with the Five Words, these Hyde Principles are woven into the philosophical framework of the Hyde community, evidencing themselves by the choices the students, faculty and staff make each day. Whether in the classroom, in the dorm, on the sports fields , or out in the community offering a hand, the students of Hyde boarding schools strive to integrate these concepts into their lives as they work toward discovering their unique potential. We will be looking at each of the words and principles as they are applied in various elements of campus life at the Hyde Schools.

Today we start at the Hyde Bath campus with this year’s Girls Varsity Basketball Team and their coach, Richard Polgar. When asked which Word or Principle was most applicable to the work that his team did this season, Coach Polgar shared

“As a coach of the girls basketball team, I teach Brother’s (Sister’s) Keeper. There is no doubt that the success of any athletic team is directly tied to the degree to which a team can truly come together to maximize its unique potential collectively. The 12 girls and the 2 coaches on this team have consistently challenged and demanded the best of each other throughout the course of the season. The remarkable success that the team has enjoyed this year has been due in large part to the chemistry and synergy that this group has created. Led by our three captains, Kara Fischer ’13, Katie Comeaux ’13, and Carolyn Moore ’14 this group of young ladies has worked hard to come together as a unit.”

Coming from having won only three games in the last two seasons, the team this year knew it had something to prove. For Coach Polgar, this was his first year and also a chance for the team to start out fresh. Through their collective hard work and spirit, they launched into a very successful season, ending with an impressive 17-1 record. Polgar stated

“They have enjoyed being around one another and have taken great pride in their collective accomplishments. They are not afraid to challenge each other, nor are they hesitant to offer a pat on the back when it is deserved.”

The 2012-2013 Hyde Bath Girls Varsity Basketball team does indeed epitomize the Brother’s Keeper principle in action.